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The Lincoln Statue

Generations of students have walked past this towering statue of Abraham Lincoln that has presided over the halls of Sycamore schools since the 1930s. No record exists as to who purchased the statue for the Sycamore school district. A photograph of it appeared in the 1930 yearbook when it was in Sycamore High School.

It was originally off-white, but has since undergone restoration and presently is a silver-bronze color. The statue is 7 feet 2 inches tall on a 24-inch square base that is 4 inches high. It is made of plaster of Paris and the head is a separate piece.

The body is modeled after a statue in Chicago's Lincoln Park commonly known as the Standing Lincoln. The head is believed to have been modeled after busts of Lincoln by Max Bachman. Such statues were offered in a catalog from P. P. Caproni and Brothers of Boston. They could be ordered with a choice of heads and with or without a beard. The statue is now located in the Sycamore Middle School.