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Burkhart Funeral Home, 1891-1943

This list was compiled from hand-written documents so misspellings may occur.
The Joiner History Room does not have any other information pertaining to the deaths or burials.

 Armstrong, Mrs. Armstrong, J. J. 78 y Dropsy 25 Oct 1890   Oak Ridge  
A----lmon, Emma Phone Kalamazoo MI 72 y Cerbral hemorrhage 13-Dec-1937 15-Dec-1937 Oak Ridge Beginning of surname is not legible.
Abel. Morris Morher, Dr. 43 y Killed 12-Apr-1927 13-Apr-1927 Chicago  
Adams, H. R. Woodward, A. E. 76 y   9-Jun-1919 11-Jun-1919 Oak Ridge H. Raymond Adams, d. 6/8/1919, is at Oak Ridge.
Adams, Mrs. John Mosher, E. C.       11-May-1913 Oak Ridge  
Ade, H. Armstrong 4 y Diphtheria 10Sept1891 11Sept1891   Herbert Ade at Oak Ridge
Ailhalter, Mrs. Norbert  Ailhalter, Albert 75 7 Old age 2-Apr-1900 4-Apr-1900 not shown  
Akerly, Mr. DeGroff. Mr. 70 y   14Nov1895 17Nov1895    
Aldrich, Lydia A.   74 y   21-Dec-1918 23-Dec-1918 Dixon Aka Pine Mound, Northville Township, LaSalle County
Allen, Ira W. Phone Miss Kern 82 y   20-May-1927 23-May-1927 Oak Ridge Listed
Allen, Victor J. Fisk, Jim 35 y   1-Apr-1915 3-Apr-1915 Oak Ridge  
Allison, Caroline Susan Phone  E. C. Morker 84 y Heart Block 8-Oct-1927   Denver. Colo.  
Angoll, Frank Parrish, M. 32 y   27-Nov-1918 30-Nov-1918 Oak Ridge  
Apple, Mrs. Apple, Chs. 70 y   27May1898 29May1898 Pratts  
Armstrong, Donald J. Armstrong, Ray 78 y   6-Nov-1921 8-Nov-1921 Oak Mound  
Armstrong, John A. Armstrong, W. W. 73 y   20-Dec-1921 22-Dec-1921 Oak Mound  
Armstrong, Mrs.  Armstrong, Wm. 82 y   1-Feb-1926 3-Feb-1926 Oak Ridge Caroline (Fraser) Armstrong is listed.
Atkins, Mrs. Atkins, C.   Rheumatism 16Nov1893 19Nov1893 Shipped to Aurora  
Baby Gurdernal, Crist 3 mo   11Oct1891 11Oct1891    
Bachman, Anna M.   29 y     28-Dec-1918 Oak Ridge  
Bacon, Wm Phone 79 y   18-Dec-9127 20-Dec-1927 Oak Ridge Listed
Baker, Harry   30 y   23-Jun-1926 25-Jun-1926 Oak Ridge Harvey Baker is listed.
Ballard, A. L. Ballard, W. G. 78 y Brights Disease 28May1898 28May1898 Streator  
Ballou. Mrs. Emily Ballou, Jay 47 y   4-Jan-1919 7-Jan-1919 Millington-Newark  
Banzet, Aug Rhoer, L. 27 y Killed 15Dec1890 15Dec1890    
Barker, Mrs. James Barker, W.   Consumption 4-Apr-1901 6-Apr-1901 Oak Ridge  
Barnard, Mrs. T. W.   74 y   11-Feb-1922 14-Feb-1922 Oak Ridge Nancy R. (Arbuckle) Bernard is listed.
Barnes, Clarrice Frost, C. H. 42 y   5-Aug-1911 7-Aug-1911 Dixon's  
Barrows Phone     20-Mar-1916 22-Mar-1916 Millington-Newark  
Barrows, D. Dakin, Dr. 72 y ????? 11-Feb-1926 13-Feb-1926 Oak Ridge David Barrows is listed.
Barrows, Edward F. Phone Dr. Neubaure 53 y Apoplexy 2-Aug-1936 4-Aug-1936 Oak Ridge Edward Franklin Barrows is listed.
Barrows, Ella Phone 63 y Cancer 22-Dec-1930 26-Dec-1930 Millington-Newark  
Barrows, M. Barrows, C.   Gripp 28Mar1892 31Mar1892 Millington  
Bastian, Stanley Duane Potter, Dr. 29 d Inquiry 28-Apr-1930 30-Apr-1930 Oak Ridge Listed
Bateman, Bateman, A. 3 y Pneumonia 10-Jan-1913 12-Jan-1913 Plano  
Bauer, Mrs. Mary Paresat, Jos. 37 y Dropsy 29Sep1899 2Oct1899 not shown  
Beardsley, Mrs. E.   52 y     21-Jan-1921 Oak Ridge  
Beardsley, Mrs. Laura Johnson, Mollie 47 y   22-May-1918 23-May-1918 Oak Ridge  
Beck, Chas Phone 52 y Carcinoma of the bladder 22-Mar-1927 24-Mar-1927 Oak Ridge Listed
Bell, Mrs. Margeret Cain, Jas 81 y Edema of lungs 27-Aug-1922 28-Aug-1922   Shipped to Waterloo, Nebraska.
Benard, D.   86 y Old age 3-Nov-1890 6-Nov-1890    
Benard, Geo Benard, A 69 y Dropsy 5Mar1891 8Mar1891 Elerdings  
Bend, Marie A. VanOlen  Train 31 y   29-Jan-1926 29-Jan-1926 Oak Ridge Listed
Bend, Mrs. L. Bend, Mr. 61 y Heart D  30Dec1891 2Jan1892 Wesson  
Bennett, Bennett, M. 4 y Diphtheria 24Oct1891 25Oct1891 Pratt  
Bennett, Bennett, M. 2 y Diphtheria 2Nov1891 3Nov1891 Pratt  
Benneway, P. G. Treat    Phone 75 y   17-May-1904 19-May-1904 Oak Mound  
Benoit, Emil H. Zeller, Rose 8 y Pneumonia 25Nov1899 28Nov1899 not shown  
Bercham, W. Wilson, F. 83 y   18-Apr-1917 21-Apr-1917 Oak Mound  
Berggren, Oliver   57 y Something heart 30-Mar-1911 1-Apr-1911 Oak Ridge  
Berginsky, Frank Haupt, R. 42 y   August, 1923   Oak Ridge Not listed
Bergren, Mrs. Anna Berggren, O. 42 y Consumption 19Nov1893 21Nov1893 Oak Ridge  
Bernhardt, Mrs. Wm Phone 75 y   15-Feb-1931 17-Feb-1931 Oak Ridge Rosetta (Kolb)Bernhardt is listed.
Bert, Mrs. Flavin, John 81 y   15-May-1905 17-May-1905 Oak Ridge  
Beschorner, Freida Frances Barrows, B. 19 y Peronitis ?? 24-Oct-1930 26-Oct-1930 Oak Ridge Listed
Billings, Mrs. A. C. Hinman, D.  Phone 91 y Myocarditis 22-Jan-1926 25-Jan-1926   Not listed at Oak Ridge
Blake, Arnold Inquest 32 y Killed 16-Oct-1927 20-Oct-1927 Aurora  
Bliss, O. Bliss   (Phone) 80 y   15-Dec-1911 18-Dec-1911 Oak Ridge  
Bloodgood, Mrs. Murry, Dr.  Phone 72 y Edema of lungs 30-Jul-1926 2-Aug-1926 Oak Ridge Listed
Bondkirk, Mrs. A. Dakin, Dr. 83 y   30-Apr-1929 3-May-1929 Oak Ridge Adaline (Katzenberger) Bondkirk is listed.
Bossong, Geo Rober, Chas 63 y Cancer 15-Feb-1903 18-Feb-1903 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp. LaSalle County
Brainard. J. Clark, B. 65 y   16-Jan-1918 18-Jan-1918 Plano  
Brandenburger, Mrs. F. Dakin, Dr. 89 y   19-May-1926 22-May-1926 Oak Ridge Wilhelmina Brandenburger is listed.
Brayton, Margaret           Oak Ridge Oak Ridge has a Mararet Brayton d. 9/5/1919 in Canada.
Breckbiel, John Phone 93 y   11-Nov-1941 13-Nov-1941 Oak Ridge  
Brewer, Geo Brewer, Mrs.   Lock Jaw 14Aug1892 16Aug1892 Lett  
Bridgens, W.   25 y   18-Aug-1921 20-Aug-1921 Oak Ridge Vibert Bridgens is listed at Oak Ridge.
Brignon, Joseph Milander, Henry 77 y xxxx 19Oct1899 21Oct1899 not shown  
Brillhart, Glan Brillhart, J. 27 y Spinal Meningitis 13-Jul-1904 15-Jul-1904 Oak Ridge Glenn Chester Brillhart d. 13Jul1904 at Oak Ridge
Brunette, Emeline Mosher, E. C. 52 y   13-Dec-1921 15-Dec-1921 Oak Ridge Listed
Bulloch, Jerry K.   83 y   26-May-1920 30-May-1920 Oak Ridge  
Burchim(?), W. H.   78 y   16-May-1918 19-May-1918 Oak Mound  
Burghart, Mr. Burghart, Mr. 37 y   6Feb1891 8Feb1891    
Burlington, R. Burlton 73 y   14-Apr-1915 17-Apr-1915 Oak Ridge  
Burlton, Janett Burlton, M. J. 75 y   29-Oct-1918 1-Nov-1918 Oak Ridge Janet (Ball) Burlton listed at Oak Ridge.
Burrel, Mrs. Burrel, A. 82 y Old age 12Jan1896 14Jan1896 Oak Ridge Margaret (Schyer) Burrell d. 12Jan1896 at Oak Ridge
Burrel, Mrs. A. H. Filkins, C.       1-Apr-1912 Oak Ridge Lillian (Filkins) Burell d. 28Mar1912
Butler, Mrs. Tubbs, M. 52 y   7-Apr-1901 9-Apr-1901 Oak Ridge Emma (Tubbs) Butler at Oak Ridge
Byant, Mrs. Ledoyt, M.       8-May-1902 Oak Ridge  
Byers, Howard       28-Sep-1918 30-Sep-1918 Oak Ridge  
Calahan, Bater Calahan, Joe     7-May-1903 12-May-1903 Millington, Il  
Calahan, John Whitfield, Mr.     20-Oct-1928 23-Oct-1928 Millington-Newark  
Campion,Patrick   88 y   9-Sep-1903 11-Sep-1903 Leland  
Cane, Mrs.   66 y   28-Oct-1910 30-Sep-1910 Oak Mound  
Carnes, Mrs. Anna Phone 81 y   16-Mar-1926 18-Mar-1926 Rose Hill, Chicago  
Carnes, Silas Phone  85 y Carcinoma 13-Jan-1927 15-Jan-1927 Rose Hill, Chicago  
Carpenter, Nellie Ohone  Ottawa   Goiter 10-Aug-1927 12-Aug-1927 Oak Ridge Nellie (Campbell) Carpenter is at Oak Ridge.
Carr, Herbert Carr, D. 9 y Bled to death 12-Dec-1901 15-Dec-1901 Oak Ridge  
Casler, Mrs. L. A. Heirs 70 y Heart Disease 2Oct1893 5Oct1893 Pratt  
Cassie, Jane M. Kennedy, Mr. 34 y       Oak Ridge Jeannie (Moir) Cassie d. 21Feb1896 at Oak Ridge
Castle, J. B. Phone 67 y Myocarditis 16-Dec-1926 19-Dec-1926 Oak Ridge John Bertrand Castle is listed.
Champlin, Child Tucker, 8 mo   8-Aug-1900 11-Aug-1900 Oak Ridge Alfred George Champlin b. Jan1900, d. 9Aug1900 at Oak Ridge
Champlin, Nellie Dakin, Dr. 65 y Inquiry 22-Feb-1926 25-Feb-1926 Oak Ridge Nellie May (Tucker) Champlin is listed.
Champlin, W. F. Phone 65 y Angina P 24-Sep-1927 26-Sep-1927 Oak Ridge Listed
Chatman, Mrs. Hennis, A.       13-Oct-1903 Oak Ridge from Chicago
Child Ames. W. 5 mo   9-Aug-1905 10-Aug-1905 Oak Ridge Chester L. Ames b. 19Mar1905, d. 9Aug1905
Child Augustine, A. 4 y Diphtheria 12Jan1892 13Jan1892 Oak Ridge  
Child Barnhardt 2 mo   24-Sep-1903 25-Sep-1903 Oak Ridge  
Child Barnhardt 3 mo   18-Dec-1904 20-Dec-1904 Oak Ridge  
Child Beck, F     xx-xxx-1907   Culver  
Child Beck, F.     26-Feb-1906 28-Feb-1906 Culvers  
Child Beck, Fred     17-Jun-1905 19-Jun-1905 Culvers  
Child Bentz, Wm     9-Oct-1923 9-Oct-1923 Pratt's  
Child Bergseen     23-Aug-1909 23-Aug-1909 Oak Ridge  
Child Bradley, C. 5 days   26Mar1892 27Mar1892 Dickson  
Child Bronnell, Dr. 2 da          
Child Burge, Mat     xx-xxx-1910   Oak Ridge  
Child Carr, A.         Oak Ridge  
Child Carr, Del     3Sep1894 5Sep1894 Oak Ridge  
Child Coffers, 3 y   24-Sep-1906 25-Sep-1906 Oak Ridge  
Child Como     21-Apr-1922 22-Apr-1922 Oak Ridge Baby Como listed.
Child Cooper 2 y   31-Aug-1907 2-Sep-1907 Plano  
Child Darby   Still born 7-Aug-1915 7-Aug-1915    
Child Dechesky 3 y   20-Oct-1914 22-Oct-1914 Oak Ridge  
Child DeKalb County 8 y Consumption xx-xxx-1893   Pratt  
Child Earler, Miss   Still born   1-Sep-1902 Oak Ridge  
Child Eberly, Avon     21-Nov-1921 22-Nov-1921 Oak Ridge Baby Eberly is listed.
Child Elserman 16 m   7Feb1894 9Feb1894 Yorkville  
Child Everts, Mrs.     13Dec1890 13Dec1890 Pratt  
Child Francis, Ed     xx-Aug-1910   Oak Ridge Baby d. 26Aug1910
Child Fritch, Fred     20Apr1893 22Apr1893    
Child Gerhardt         Oak Mound  
Child Graves, Jess         Oak Ridge Twin,Dale A. Graves, d. 27Feb1913
Child Graves, Jess         Oak Ridge Twin, Donald E. Graves d. 8Mar1913
Child Greenfield, Geo. 15 y       Darnell   
Child Gunderson, Ed 2 y   9-Oct-1906 11-Oct-1906 Pratts  
Child H. Johnson?     xx-xxx-1905   Pratts  
Child Haupt, Chas 17 y   xx-Aug-1909 10-Aug-1909 Oak Ridge  
Child Haupt, R. 4 d   25-Jan-1912 26-Jan-1912 Oak Ridge  
Child Hensinger, E.     25-Mar-1919 26-Mar-1919 Oak Ridge  
Child Heriand, M.     28-Aug-1917 29-Aug-1917 Pratt's  
Child Hoffman, Geo.   Spasms 24Jun1894 25Jun1894 Plano  
Child (S.B.) Hough, Ed     27-Mar-1921 27-Mar-1921 Oak Mound  
Child (S.B.) Houghtaylen, L.     9-Mar-1921 9-Mar-1921 Oak Ridge Baby Houghtaylen listed.
Child Howe, Chris     1-Oct-1915 2-Oct-1915 Oak Ridge  
Child Howsen, C. 5 mo   20-Dec-1905 21-Dec-1905 Oak Ridge James A. Howison b. 10Jul1905, d. 20Dec1905 at Oak Ridge
Child Johnson, Chas.     12June1895 15June1895   Eloise D. Johnson, b. 1892, d. 6/4/1895, dau. Of Chas D.
Child Johnson, Mrs F.     xx-Oct-1895   Culver  
Child Johusecu(?), Elmer     3-Jan-1922 3-Jan-1922 Millington-Newark  
Child Kellog, C. M. 14 mo   24-Dec-1907 26-Dec-1907 Oak Ridge  
Child Kessler, J.     15Aug1892 16Aug1892 Oak Ridge  
Child Klemm, Joe     xx-xxx-1907   Dundee  
Child Klimm, Joe 0 y          
Child Lee, J. M.      4-Aug-1922 4-Aug-1922 Oak Ridge Baby Lee listed.  Millington IL
Child Lett, Clair         Oak Ridge Baby, b. 19Jan1913, d. 19Jan1913
Child Lett, Herbert     10-Sep-1913 11-Sep-1913 Oak Ridge  
Child Lewis, H.     20-Jun-1914 22-Jun-1914 Sheridan  
Child Lincoln, V. 2 y   2Jan1896 3Jan1896 Pratts  
Child Lobdart, J.     12Dec1890 12Dec1890    
Child Mander, 6 mo   29-Jul-1905 30-Jul-1905 Oak Ridge  
Child Manley     xx-xxx-1909   Oak Ridge There are infant twins of Ed Manley b.18 Apr1909, d. 22Apr1909.
Child Manley     xx-Mar-1911   Oak Ridge Baby d. 12Mar1911 at Oak Ridge.
Child Marrow, A.     21-Sep-1911 23-Sep-1911 Oak Ridge Fredrick Johnston Morrow b. 29Mat1911, d. 22Sep1911.
Child Marshall 1 y   8-Apr-1905 10-Apr-1905 Oak Ridge Orris Marshall b. 8Apr1904, d. 8Apr1905 at Oak Ridge
Child McCormack     1-May-1910 3-May-1910 Little Rock  
Child Miller, Geo     20-Jan-1911 20-Jan-1911 Plano  
Child Mirsey, J.   Dip 30Mar1892 31Mar1892 Dickson  
Child Mitchell, F.     25-Nov-1901 17-Nov-1901 Culver's  
Child Mitchell, F.     14-Dec-1901 16-Dec-1901 Culver's  
Child Moodie, Mrs.     4-Jun-1918 4-Jun-1918 Oak Ridge  
Child Newton, B.     19-May-1912 20-May-1912 Millington-Newark  
Child Norton, Ivan     14-Jun-1921 14-Jun-1921 Oak Ridge  
Child Oddson, Oscer     16-Jan-1906 17-Jan-1906 Oak Ridge Orre Gerhard Oddson b. 24Sep1905, d. 16jan1906
Child Patridge, W.            
Child Pellin, F.     xx-xxx-1895   Baker  
Child Perks     18-Dec-1915 19-Dec-1915 Oak Ridge  
Child  (T. R. Bocy) Phone  Hosptial     15-Feb-1925 16-Feb-1925 Oak Ridge Not listed.
Child Roher, F. 8 m   1Oct1895 3Oct1895 Oak Ridge Mabel Rohrer at Oak Ridge
Child Schrader,      27Jun1892 28Jun1892 Oak Ridge  
Child Scott, Chs 2 m Pneumonia Feb281895 1Mar1895 Prtts  
Child Shaler, D. 2 y   2Apr1894 3Apr1894 Baker Cem.  
Child. Sherman, Joe     6-Dec-1912 7-Dec-1912 Oak Ridge Baby boy Sherman b. 21Nov1912, d. 6Dec1912.
Child Skinner, Frank     17-Aug-1904 18-Aug-1904 Plano  
Child Smith, F.     13-Sep-1908 14-Sep-1908 Oak Ridge Wayne Abram Smith b. 5Sep1908, d. 13Sep1908
Child Stahl, Ed 2 mo   26-Sep-1903 27-Sep-1903 Oak Mound  
Child Steinbaugh, Mr. 2 wks   xx-Jan-1894   Oak Ridge  
Child Stinson, Leo     Jan1899   Catholic  St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp, LaSalle County
Child Tombes, H.         Talman's  
Child Trator, P.     6-Feb-1914 7-Feb-1914 Oak Mound  
Child Treat, P.     9-Dec-1912 10-Dec-1912 Oak Mound  
Child Turk, F. 7 mo   29-Jul-1905 31-Jul-1905 Catholic St. John's Catholic, Northville Twp, LaSalle County
Child Vorise, F.     11-Jul-1909 11-Jul-1909 Oak Mound  
Child Werner,     2-May-1918 2-May-1918 Chicago  
Child Whitmer 2 y   6-Sep-1911 7-Sep-1911 Oak Ridge Leslie John Whitmore b. 10Aug1909, d. 6Sep1911.
Child Whitney     8-May-1909 8-May-1909 Oak Ridge  
Child Wilson, Mr.   Dip 6-Mar-1905   Leland  
Child Woodbury       13-Feb-1900 Oak Ridge  
Child Woodward   Still born 28-Dec-1900   Oak Ridge Woodward infant at Oak Ridge, son of A. R. and M. L.
Child   9 mo   19-Sep-1900 21-Sep-1900 Dickson's  
Child         21-Feb-1905 Oak Ridge  
Child       xx-Feb-1908      
Child   7 wk   17-Jan-1909 19-Jan-1909 Oak Ridge  
Child       20-May-1909 22-May-1909 Oak Ridge  
Child       8-Jul-1909 9-Jul-1909 Pratts  
Child   3 mo   8-Oct-1909   Oak Ridge  
Child       xx-xxx-1910   Oak Ridge  
Child             no other information.
Child       4-Nov-1915 6-Nov-1915 Bristol  
Child       17-Apr-1916 18-Apr-1916 Leland  
Child         3-Dec-1916 Oak Mound  
Child             No other information, died February, 1917
Child           Oak Ridge No date given, from where it is in the listed it is June/July, 1920.
Child       27-Sep-1923 28-Sep-1923 Oak Ridge  
Child (Polish)   1 m 5 d   10-Jun-1919 11-Jun-1919 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp., LaSalle County
Child (S.B.)           Oak Ridge No other  information given, death between 3/27/1921 & 4/7/1921.
Clabsaddle, Mrs. Clabsaddle, Mr. 24 y Child birth 1Jan1896 3Jan1896 Wesson  
Clancy, Baby Phone  Mrs. Gletty 3 hr   22-Aug-1930 22-Aug-1930 Ramsey, IL  
Cobler, Mrs. Henry Stahl, John 49 y Congestive xxxxx 23Aug1899 25Aug1899 not shown  
Como, Vinzo M. Losee, Mrs. 1 m 21d   11-Aug-1918 12-Aug-1918 Oak Ridge S. Como, d. 8/10/1918 listed.
Connell, Mr.   50 y Suicide 19July1896 21Jul1896 Johnson's Grove  
Connell, Wm Phone,  Geo. Romph 79 y Mycrotisis ?? 1-Mar-1928 4-Mar-1928 Oak Ridge Listed
Converse, Mrs. I. C. Phone     10-Dec-1926 12-Dec-1926 Oak Ridge Nina Dot (Winne) converse is listed.
Cooper, George O. Phone  Miss Cooper 76 y   6-Dec-1927 8-Dec-1927 Oak Ridge Listed
Cooper, Hattie Phone 71 y   6-Mar-1926 8-Mar-1926 Oak Ridge harriet (Ingersoll) Cooper is listed.
Cooper, Mrs. Z. Phone 65 y Hemorrhage 15-Jun-1927 17-Jun-1927 Oak Ridge Sylvia B. (Joles) Cooper is listed.
Cotton, E. F. Cotton, R. D.  27 y   19-Feb-1910 22-Feb-1910 Oak Ridge Elmer F. Cotton at Oak Ridge.
Cox, H. A. Chicago  Phone 67 y   9-Mar-1927 11-Mar-1927 Oak Ridge Henry Alonzo Cox is listed.
Cox, Mrs. John Phone 82 y   30-Apr-1927 2-May-1927 Oak Mound  
Creasey, Grover C. Fried. Mrs.     7-Mar-1920 10-Mar-1920 Oak Ridge Grover Cleveland Creasy, d. 3/7/1921 is listed.
Crofoot, Mrs. J. Crofoot, Mrs. D. K. 68 y     30-Apr-1918 Oak Ridge Flora I. Crofoot listed at Oak Ridge
Cunningham, Isabelle       13-Jan-1915   Kitesburg IL  
Danielson, James Hickey 4 wk   7-Jan-1927 8-Jan-1927 Oak Ridge Not listed
Darnell, Mrs. Greenfield, Geo.     xx-xxx-1906   Darnell  
David, J. C.       1-Dec-1903 3-Dec-1903 Oak Ridge  
David, Jennie L. Carr, Dr.     4-Dec-1905 5-Dec-1905 Oak Ridge Jennie L. (Carr) David at Oak Ridge
Davis, Mrs. Eliza Walker, Mrs. 81 y   1-Jun-1919 4-Jun-1919 Oak Ridge Eliza Mardena (Gage) Davis
Dawson, Shirley Ann Cain, J. 4 y Drowned July or Aug 1926   Millington-Newark  
Day, Wm Fanning. M. 72 y   1914 October 28-Oct-1914 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp. LaSalle County
Dean, Mrs. Dean, Mr.     27May1891 27May1891    
Delano, Harry Delano, Mrs. 21 y   2-Feb-1922 5-Feb-1922 Oak Ridge Listed
Demster, Mrs. Poplin 70 y   6-Jun-1913 9-Jun-1913 Plano  
Denilauler, Mrs. A.   33 y   4-Feb-1914 6-Feb-1914 Oak Ridge Elizabeth (Dannewitz) Denilauler is at Oak Ridge.
Devall, Mrs. G. B. Petrie, Mr. 66 y Dropsy 24-Feb-1903 27-Feb-1903 Oak Ridge Eliza Davis (Perry) Devall d. 24Feb1903 at Oak Ridge
Devine, F. (?) Devine, T. 18 y Asthma 17Jan1894 19Jan1894 Catholic Cem.  
Devine, John   42 y   18-Jan-1921 20-Jan-1921 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp., LaSalle County
Devine, Mary  Devine, Ed 24 y   20-Nov-1914 23-Nov-1914 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp. LaSalle County
Devine, Mary Ann Devine, T. 65 y  Old Age 4Mar1894 6Mar1894 Catholic Cem.  
Doan, Mrs. E. Wormly, Dr. 79 y   17-Jan-1919 20-Jan-1919 Oak Ridge  
Dodd, A. W. Dakin, Dr. 67 y Gassed, inquest 2-Feb-1924 5-Feb-1924 Oak Ridge Listed
Dolan, Mrs. Isabelle T. Mosher, Dr. 69 y Exsistions?? Inquest 13-Dec-1926 15-Dec-1926 Oak Ridge Listed
Dolder, Nina V. Dolder, Felix 5 y  Pneumonia 3Apr1899 5Apr1899 not shown  
Dondanville, Baby Hospital   Phone   Still born 22-Sep-1926 22-Sep-1926 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp., LaSalle County
Dondanville, Mrs. Wallace Phone 84 y Chronic Myocarditis 29-Jun-1934 2-Jul-1934 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp., LaSalle County
Dorety, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs.     9-Nov-1910 12-Nov-1910 Catholic St. John's Catholic, Northville Twp, LaSalle County
Dougall, John T.         14-Oct-1916 Oak Mound  
Dreshmire, Tom Dreshmire, Jake     22-May-1915 25-May-1915 Oak Ridge Conrad Thomas Dreshmire is at Oak Ridge.
Duffy, Baby Phone  Wm Duffy Still Born   10-Oct-1930 11-Oct-1930 Lee, IL  
Durgy, Helen Bacon Bacon      Phone 91 y   29-Oct-1926 2-Nov-1926 Oak Ridge Helen May Durges d. 10/27/1926 is listed.
Dyas, Charles D. Dyas, Chas W. 85 y   18-Apr-1943 20-Apr-1943 Oak Ridge Listed
Dyas, Mary A Norton, H, 91 y   6-Dec-1918 8-Dec-1918 Oak Ridge  
Eberly, E. Ra????? 71 y   7-Jun-1902 9-Jun-1902    
Eckert, Geo  T. Mall, Mrs.  Phone   Tumerous ?? 1-Apr-1927 3-Apr-1927 Oak Ridge Listed
Egal, Josie Phone 17 y Appendicitis 19-Apr-1904 23-Apr-1904 Greenwood  
Ehler, Mrs. Wm. Phone 81 y Cerebral Hemorrhage 8-Sep-1926 11-Sep-1926 Oak Ridge Minnie Decker Ehler is listed.
Ehlers, Babies Ehler, Carl Still Born   5-Feb-1930 6-Feb-1930 Oak Ridge Girl & boy babies Ehler, d 2/2/1930 are listed.
Ella Will 47 y   26-Feb-1919 28-Feb-1919 Oak Ridge  
Elliott, Frank B. Phone  Mrs. McInnes 69 y   12-Jun-1927 14-Jun-1927 Oak Ridge Listed
Emerson, T. D.         5-Sep-1904 Catholic  
Erickson, Mrs. Culver, Dr. 24 y Consumption 15Mar1895 17Mar1895 Leland  
Erwin, Jas. Wm. Erwin, R. Hosptial 3 d   28-Jan-1924 29-Jan-1924 Oak Ridge Listed
Erwin, Pauline Phone 64 y ?????? 13-May-1926 16-May-1926 Oak Ridge Listed
Eva, Mrs. Eva, Elmer 73 y   2-Jan-1921 5-Jan-1921 Oak Ridge Cecila (Mathews) Eva is listed
Eva, Mrs. Elmer Eva, Elmer         Oak Ridge Nellie L. (Burlton) Eva, d. 2/21/1931, is listed.
Fanning, Elizabeth Phone 59 y Pneumonia 3-Jan-1927 5-Jan-1927 Somonauk (Catholic)  
Fanning, Margaret Devine, Ed 29 y   21-Jan-1921 24-Jan-1921 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp., LaSalle County
Fanning, Margaret Phone 23 y Tuberculosis 1-Mar-1924 4-Mar-1924 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp., LaSalle County
Farmer, Frank Dakin, Dr.     10-Oct-1918 12-Oct-1918 Oak Ridge  
Faxon, Merle G. Faxon, C. G. 32 y   15-Oct-1918 3-Nov-1918 Oak Ridge  
Fay, Mrs. Flavin, Mrs. 85 y   11-Aug-1909 15-Aug-1909 Oak Mound  
Fields, Bert Fields, Ed 43 y Strangulated hernia 23-Feb-1924 26-Feb-1924 Oak Ridge Listed
Filkens, Carl Filkins, Earl 62 y Pneumonia 3-Mar-1923 6-Mar-1923 Oak Ridge Carrol David Filkins is listed.
Fish, W. J. M. Fish, Jim 70 y Dropsy 13-Dec-1900 16-Dec-1900 Pratt's  
Fisher, Mrs. Leonard, Geo. 80 y Dropsy 7June1895 9Jun1895 Dicksons  
Fisher, Mrs. Emma Phone 78 y  Carcinoma of the liver 19-Dec-1926 21-Dec-1926 Oak Ridge Listed
Flavin, Carl F. Phone  Mrs. J.Flavin 37 y Lobar Pneumonia 11-Nov-1936 13-Nov-1936 Oak Ridge Listed
Fleishlan, Mrs. Hoffman, Geo. 48 y Suicide 5-Oct-1902 7-Oct-1902 Oak Ridge  
Fleishlat, Mrs. F. Larson, L. O.       4-Sep-1910 Oak Ridge  
Fleishlaw,  Fleishlaw, F. 4 y Brain fever 23-Mar-1903 25-Mar-1903 Oak Ridge  
Fleishlaw, Ray Franklin Fleishlaw, F. 6 mo Pneumonia 7-Mar-1903 9-Mar-1903 Oak Ridge  
Florent, John B. Phone  F. Keifer 76 y Jaundice 14-Jul-1936 16-Jul-1936 Catholic  
Foerman, Jeanette Ledoyt, Ed 65 y   23-Mar-1915 30-Mar-1915 Pratts  
Forsythe, Mrs. Martin, Jim     xx-xxx-1910   Oak Ridge Sophia Forsythe d. 29Sep1910.
Fosch, Mrs. Clouff, F.         Oak Ridge Death between 4/5/1921 & 4/10/1921
Foster, Cornelia Palmer Clark, Mrs. W.  Phone 81 y Intestinal Obstruction 8-Mar-1927 11-Mar-1927 Jerico Cemetery Kane County
Fraiser, C. H. Fraiser, Mrs. 40 y Heart Disease 19Dec1890 21Dec1890 Oak Ridge  
Francis, Elvina M. Francis, Cucil 78 y   29-Jan-1936 31-Jan-1936 Oak Ridge Elvira C. (Weber) Francis is listed.
Franck, Emilie Marie Dakin, Dr. 65 y Angina pectoris 20-Jun-1935 22-Jun-1935 Oak Ridge Emeline M. (Cassidy) Franck is listed.
Franck, Sena Franck, Henry 76 y 6 m Carcinoma 26-Jun-1927 28-Jun-1927 Oak Ridge Sine Franck is at Oak Ridge.
Frank, Chas.       30-Jul-1904 1-Aug-1904 Oak Ridge  
Frank, Dorothy Hospital   Still born January, 1924   Oak Ridge Not listed
Frank, Eugene Robert Dakin, Dr. 12 d   6-Jan-1928 7-Jan-1928 Oak Ridge Listed
Frank, Louise May Frank, L. 1 m 14 d   3-Jan-1920 4-Jan-1920 Oak Ridge  
Frank, Silas Frank, H.     10Aug1896 12Aug1896 Oak Fidge  
Fraser, Harry H. Fraser, Mrs. 9 y Diphtheria 14Oct1891 15Oct1891 Oak Ridge in Oak Ridge book
Friedt, Hugo   32 y     18-Sep-1921 Oak Ridge  
Fuller, Mrs. Fuller, Miss       25-May-1914 Dixon's  
Gage, John R. Brady, Roland 53 y Myocarditis 16-Aug-1940 19-Aug-1940 Oak Ridge Listed
Gage, Mrs. Gertrude B. Armstrong, Mrs. 48 y   10-Apr-1922 12-Apr-1922 Oak Ridge Listed
Gangler, Peter Warner, J.   Suicide 28Apr1895 1May1895 Oak Ridge  
Gates, John M. Burge, Matt 85 y   11-Feb-1927 14-Feb-1927 Oak Ridge Listed
Gates, Nora Gates, H. 56 y Elgin 22-Sep-1923 25-Sep-1923 Oak Ridge Listed
George, Mrs. Frank George, Frank 35 y  Consumption 8Nov1899 10Nov1899 not shown  
George, William Sr. Phone 87 y Brights D 16-Apr-1931 19-Apr-1931 Oak Ridge Listed
Gifford, Mrs. Gifford, Geo.   Heart Disease xx-xxx-1895     Lucy Louisa (Burroughs) Gifford, d.7/10/1895, at Oak Ridge
Gilchrist, A. L. Waterman Hos  Phone 84 y Artricolsis?? 22-Dec-1926 27-Dec-1926 Oak Ridge Albert LeRoy Gilchrist is listed.
Glazier, ,G. Glazier, 87 y Old age 6-Aug-1902 8-Aug-1902 Oak Ridge  
Gletty, Mrs. Wallis Phone  DR. Scheppler 64 y Diabetes 3-Dec-1936 5-Dec-1936 Northville  
Gletty, W. E. Phone, Mrs. Stockham 63 y   23-Nov-1936 27-Nov-1936 Oak Ridge Wallace E. Gletty is listed.
Goldthait, Howard H. Phone  Dr. Lord adm 74 y Acute myocarditis 7-Apr-1929 9-Apr-1929 Plano  
Graham, John Phone Hospital 77 y   15-Mar-1939 16-Mar-1939 Oak Ridge Listed
Gran, Frederick Kenneth Phone 7 mo   24-Mar-1931 27-Mar-1931 Oak Ridge  
Grandadam, Mary Parrisot, Gene       25-Jan-1929 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp., LaSalle County
Graves, Harry A. Graves, Jess 10 m   27-Oct-1918 28-Oct-1918 Oak Ridge  
Gray, Allie May Phone  Mrs. McDonald 67 y Cardiac failure 3-Feb-1936 5-Feb-1936 Oak Ridge Listed
Grear, Mrs. Shafer, Mrs.  (Phone) 92 y Cancer 12-Jul-1904 13-Jul-1904 Elerdings  
Greenfield, James W. Rogers, J. 70 y   2-Dec-1911 5-Dec-1911 Baker  
Greenfield, O. W. Wormley, Dr. 74 y   2-Apr-1926 5-Apr-1926 Oak Ridge Oliver W. Greenfield is listed.
Gregory, Mrs.       6-Aug-1902 8-Aug-1902 Oak Ridge  
Griffith, Emma Austin Griffith, W. K. Telegram 80 y Rectal Carcinoma   2-Oct-1925 Oak Ridge Listed
Griffith, F. E. Whilson, W. 86 y   17-Nov-1921 19-Nov-1921 Oak Ridge Frank E. Griffith is listed.
Gundersal, T. A. Gundersal, Christ 56 y Diphtheria & Scarlet fever 13-Aug-1903 14-Aug-1903 Oak Ridge  
Haas, Luna B. Phone Hospital 71 y Septiemia 14-Jul-1936 17-Jul-1936 Oak Ridge Luna B. (Smith) Haas is listed.
Hable, LeRoy Hable, W.   Still born     Oak Ridge Cemetery records say b 1/9/1924, d. 1/10/1924.
Haish, Frances Phone 25 y    22-May-1925 25-May-1925 Oak Ridge Not listed
Hale, Nathan E. N.I.U.T. Co. 34 y   22-Jun-1922 26-Jun-1922 Graceland Cemetery Cremated.
Haley, Patrick Leonard, M.       10-Jun-1913 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp. LaSalle County
Hall, John W. Phone 76 y   9-Oct-1927 11-Oct-1927 Oak Ridge Listed
Hall, Mrs. A. M. Hall, John 66 y   16-May-1921 18-May-1921 Oak Ridge  
Hamlin, Mrs. Treat, P.     31-Jan-1914 2-Feb-1914 Oak Mound  
Hamlin, Mrs. J. S. Hamlin, J. S. 37 y   8-Apr-1904 10-Apr-1904 Oak Mound  
hann, W. Phone 74 y   26-Mar-1907 28-Mar-1907 Pratts  
Hanson, Mrs. L. A. Jones, C. C.   Pneumonia 15-Jan-1925 17-Jan-1925 Oak Ridge  
Hardiment, Emma Elna Hardiment, Mr. 46 y Tuberculosis 4-Jun-1903      
Harmon, Geo C. Healy 68 y   16-Jun-1917 19-Jun-1917 Oak Ridge  
Harper, Mrs. James Phome  Hospital 79 y   1-May-1927 4-May-1927 Oak Ridge Elizabeth N. Harper is listed.
Harrington, Mrs. Hones, Mrs. C. C.         Oak Ridge Elizabeth Harrington d. 11/22/1920 is at Oak Ridge.
Hart, Mrs. E. Hart, E. H. 71 Y   27-Dec-1917 29-Dec-1917 Oak Ridge Wilhelmina Hart at Oak Ridge.
Hass, Mrs. Hass, H 79 y Old Age 12May1894 14May1894 Elerding   
Hears, Vickery, R.     6-Mar-1905      
Heck, Cora Clark, A. Train 63 y   18-Oct-1924 22-Oct-1924 Oak Ridge Listed
Heck, Howard Clark, A. 69 y     17-Apr-1924 Oak Ridge John Howard Heck is listed.
Henderson, J. Henderson, T. 64 y Carbuncle  xxxxx 29Jul1897 31Jul1897 Oak Ridge James W. Henderson d. 19Jul1897 at Oak Ridge
Hennis, Fred Hennis, A 14 y Dropsy 24Apr1891 27Apr1891 Oak Ridge in Oak Ridge book
Henry, Chester Kirkpatrick, E.       21-Sep-1915 Oak Mound  
Henry, Mrs. A. B. Phone 54 y  Septicemia 23-Nov-1926 27-Nov-1926 Oak Ridge Grace A. (Page) Henry d. 11/3/1926 is listed.
Henspaugh, H. Henspaugh, T. 75 y Pneumonia 25Feb1898 28Feb1898 Oak Ridge Henry Hengesbach d. 25Feb1898 at Oak Ridge
Heofner, Margaret E. Johnson, Mrs.  Phone 70 y Cerebral Hemorridge 22-May-1926 25-May-1926 Oak Ridge Listed
Heyer  Dillon, H.     11-Mar-1915 13-Mar-1915 Oak Ridge  
Heyer, Bert Wormley      21-Jan-1915 24-Jan-1915 Oak Ridge  
Hicock Hicock, Fred 8 mo   29-Apr-1903 1-May-1903 Oak Ridge Walter F. Hickok b. 23Aug1902, d. 31May1903 at Oak Ridge.
Hiffchman, Mrs. Hiffchman, Rev. 35 y   10Sept1891 14Sept1891    
Higgins, Mrs. Higgins, J. 81 y   17-Jan-1926 19-Jan-1926 Graceland, Chicago  
Hill, Baby Hill    Still born   27-Nov-1926 Helmer  
Hinsdale, W. H. Converse, J. 70 y   3-Dec-1911 5-Dec-1911 Oak Ridge  
Hockert, Mrs. Hockert, E. 79 y   30-Aug-1909 1-Sep-1909 Oak Ridge  
Hoelton, Rosa Hoelton, P.   Consumption 19Nov1896 22Nov1896 Catholic  St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp, LaSalle County
Hoffman, Fred Phone 79 y   16-Nov-1927 18-Nov-1927 Oak Ridge Blatz Hoffman is listed.
Holley, Mrs. Fannie  Rowley, R. 61 y Typhoid Fever 2-Apr-1913 4-Apr-1913 Chicago  
Holmberg, Carl Phone Hospital 40 y Inquest 22-Jan-1941 25-Jan-1940 Oak Ridge Listed
Holton, Robert Toombs, Mrs. Wm 73 y Bronchro. Pneumonia 5-May-1932 7-May-1932 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp., LaSalle County
Horton, Harry H. Lynds, B. 28 y   12-Apr-1919 14-Apr-1919 Oak Ridge  
Horve, Mrs. Anne Horve, Milford 39 y T.B. 3-Sep-1926 5-Sep-1926 Oak Ridge  
Hough, John Train     July or Aug 1925   Oak Ridge Listed
Houlton, Pat Houlton, Rob   Old age 3-Aug-1900 6-Aug-1900 Catholic St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Northville Twp. LaSalle County
Hoxey, E. F.         22-Sep-1921 Oak Ridge Edward Frank Hoxey is listed.
Hoy,            Oak Ridge Joseph Hoy d. 15Jun1900 at Oak Ridge
Hoy, Frank Phone  Hosptial   Absess 19-Apr-1924 21-Apr-1924 Oak Ridge Listed
Hoy, Joe Hoy, J.     2-Dec-1903 4-Dec-1903 Oak Ridge Joe Hoy d. 1Dec1903 at Oak Ridge
Hubbard, Baby Hubbard, Morris   Still born 20-Jun-1927 21-Jun-1927 Oak Ridge David J. Hubbard is at Oak Ridge.
Hulter, Mrs. Geo Hulter, Geo 27 y  Typhoid fever 27Apr1899 29Apr1899 not shown  
Humbert, Mr. Felix Ritz, Mr. 41 y Cancer 23-Jan-1900 26-Jan-1900 not shown  
Humiston, E. E. Phone 73 y Cerebral thrombosis 17-Jan-1936 19-Jan-1936 Oak Ridge Listed
Humpery, Mrs. Skinner, Chas 34 y Burned 31-Jul-1909 2-Aug-1909 Griswolds  
Humphrey, Jas. S. Humphrey 54 y  Cancer 10-Jun-1924   Oak Ridge Listed
Hupach, Lyle J. Hupach 27 y   7-Oct-1918 10-Oct-1918 Oak Ridge  
Huston, Wm Patten, Chas     11-Feb-1917 13-Feb-1917 Oak Ridge  
Hutchinso, Christine Phelps, C. 75 y Cancer 3-Sep-1927 5-Sep-1927 Oak Ridge Listed
Huter, Geo   56 y     22-Mar-1900 not shown  
Hyatt, Mrs. M. Wacchter, Rev. 77 y   28-Oct-1932 29-Oct-1932 Detroit  
Ingels, Baby Phone Hospital Still   16-Oct-1927 17-Oct-1927 Sheridan  
Ingersoll, Mrs. Ingersoll, E. L. 86 y   5-Oct-1918 7-Oct-1918 Oak Ridge Lurinda Ingersoll listed at Oak Ridge.
Jackson, Andrew Gunderson, Ed     6-Oct-1913 8-Oct-1913 Oak Ridge  
Jacob, Ruth Jacob, Henry 3 y Typhoid fever 16May1899 18May1899 not shown  
Jacque, Fred Keller, Dr. 68 y Heart 11-Dec-1942 14-Dec-1942 Oak Ridge Frederick Jacque is listed.
Johnson, Baby Johnson, Alvin 1 d     16-Jan-1928 Oak Ridge Emma June Johnson, d. 1/15/1928 is listed.
Johnson, Mrs. Esterbrook, E. 78 y Old age 7Aug1898 9Aug1898 Oak Ridge Mary S. (Monroe) Johnson at Oak Ridge
Johnson, Mrs. Albert Phone 39 y Arthritis 27-Sep-1926 30-Sep-1926 Oak Ridge Lydia Caroline Johnson is listed.