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Professional License Registers

Name Native Of School of
Addes, Michael W. Syria Dentist IL
Aitken, Generava Schmidt  USA Physician       
Albert, Albert S.   Physician IL
Allen, Ethan   Physician OH
Allen, W. B. USA Osteopath IL
Allen, William Elsworth USA Dentist  
Allfort, Frank USA Physician IL
Anderson, Jack L. USA Veterinarian KA
Anderson,Stoddard Linneaus Sweden Physician IL
Armstrong, Thomas USA Physician       
Arnold, John W.   Veterinarian       
Arthur, Fred D.   Physician KY
Ashley, Edward Holdbrook USA Dentist IL
Aspengren, William Stanley USA Osteopath IA
Asselin, George Francis   Physician IL
Astling, Fannie Naturalizd Reg Nurse       
Atherton, Joseph   Physician PA
Austin, Thomas N.   Physician MI
Aves, John USA Veterinarian IL
Babcock, Albert B. Canada Veterinarian Ontario
Badgley, J. A. USA Physician  
Bagge, Marguerite Elizabeth USA Physician IL
Bagley, William Spencer   Dentist IL
Bagnall, Loyal B.   Physician IL
Baker, Estelle Crawford USA Physician IL
Balke, Raymond Martin USA Chiropractor IL
Ball, Orrie Hugh USA Physician IL
Ballon, Nahum  Enon USA Allopath MA
Banks, Sadie   Osteopath IL
Barber, Charles H.   Optometrist  
Bark, Hurdman Wesson   Veterinarian  
Barnett, Albert Dean Canada Physician Canada
Barrow, Edward B. USA Dentist IL
Barrows, Lorenzo P. USA Physician NY
Barton, L. E. USA Physician IA
Bassler, Sanford USA Physician NY
Bates, Charles W.   Dentist IL
Beatty, Jackson Delos   Physician  
Becker, Paul Frederick   Physician IL
Bedford, Franklin Canada Physician IL
Beedle, Hurbert USA Physician MO
Beeman, William John USA Physician IL
Belknap, Henry Wales   Dentist IL
Bell, Fred Harrison USA Homeopath IL
Bell, Mary C.   Physician MO
Bell, Robert W.   Physician MO
Bend, Donald Duane   Veterinarian  
Benesh, Lewis Charles USA Physician IL
Bergman, William L.   Dentist IL
Bergstrom, Paul Leonard USA Physician IL
Beveridge, A. W.   Veterinarian IL
Billig, Hal Clair   Dentist IL
Bird, Russell H.   Optometrist  
Biscan, Andrew Henry   Physician MO
Biss, Kurt Austria Physician Switzerlnd
Blachly, Frank L. USA Physician MD
Blagden, A. D. USA Eclectic IL
Blair, Marion Ellsworth USA Physician OH
Blakemore, Joseph Morean USA Physician MO
Blankner, Fred   Physician MO
Blood, Orville W. USA Eclectic IL
Boardman, George   Dentist IL
Boardman, James G. USA Allopath IL
Borrowman, Robert C.   Physician IL
Bradbury, Robert L.   Dentist IL
Bremer, John A.   Dentist IL
Bressmer, Walter Arthur   Physician  
Brewer, Edwin Jason USA Physician IL
Bristow, George E. USA Veterinarian IL
Brown, Charles B Canada Allopath NY
Brown, Everett Rhea USA Physician IL
Brown, Mareva Dickermann USA Physician IL
Brown, Oscar Jesse USA Eclectic IL
Brown, Tony Christensen Denmark Physician IL
Brownell, Claude B.   Dentist IL
Brush, Charles E.   Architect       
Bryant, Charles Henry USA Allopath IL
Bryant, William W. USA Allopath MA
Buckley, Tomas J. USA Physician IL
Buhler, Warren   Veterinarian OH
Bullis, Kenneth Lloyd   Veterinarian       
Burdick, J. H.   Veterinarian Proficiency
Burton, Jesse F.   Dentist IL
Burtor, Edgar Curtis USA Physician IL
Buser, Nathaniel C.   Architect  
Butler, Walter P.   Dentist IL
Byers, Emory M. USA Physician IL
Calahan, Florence A.   Reg Nurse       
Campbell, David   Veterinarian Proficiency
Campbell, John L.   Veterinarian Proficiency
Capron, Frank   Architect  
Cardwell, George A. USA Physician NY
Carey, Edwin Joseph USA Physician IL
Carlson, Elbert Ellwood USA Physician IL
Carlson, Haldor USA Physician IL
Carnelly, James Henry England Physician IL
Carnes, George D. USA Physician IL
Carney, Paul William USA Physician IL
Carpenter, Townsend S. USA Physician IL
Carr, Clarence T.   Physician IA
Carroll, Ellsworth J. USA Physician IA
Carson, Jennie    Chiropractor       
Carter, Charles D. USA Allopath IL
Cass, John Lavell USA Physician IL
Chamberlain, Frederick   Dentist CO
Chamberlain, Robert M. USA Chiropractor IL
Chambers, John W. USA Physician MI
Chappel, Wilbert Reginald Canada Veterinarian Canada
Cheney, Carl L. USA Homeopath IL
Chiasson, Joseph P. France Physician IL
Christiansen, Emil Germany Allopath Germany
Church, James Luther USA Homeopath IL
Clark, Carl Edward USA Physician IL
Clearwater, Edgar B. USA Dentist IL
Cleary, Charles Stuart USA Osteopath       
Coffee, W. O. USA Physician MO
Cogley, Keith USA Veterinarian IA
Cohen, Samuel Austria Allopath NY
Collins, Elmer E. G. USA Physician IL
Collins, Louisa Jane USA Osteopath MO
Collyer, Albert Edward   Physician IL
Comerse, George LeRoy   Physician IL
Cook, William H.   Physician IL
Comish, James V. USA Physician IL
Corson, John Dillon USA Veterinarian IL
Counts, Charles L. USA Veterinarian MO
Courtright, Charles O. USA Eclectic IL
Covey, Calvin Edson USA Eclectic IL
Cowell, C. G. USA Homeopath IL
Cowell, Ettie R. USA Homeopath IL
Craig, Carvel F. USA Dentist IL
Crall, James M. USA Physician OH
Crawford, J. H.   Veterinarian  
Cromwell, Philip I. USA Homeopath IL
Cross, Hiram E. USA Homeopath IL
Croziers, W. J.   Physician MO
Culver, Rollin Pritchard       Dentist IL
Currier, Elliott USA Homeopath IL
Currier, Lester M. USA Homeopath IL
Curry, Ralph Everett USA Osteopath IA
Dakin, Robert Griffin USA Physician IL
Danforth, I. H.   Veterinarian  
David, John C. USA Homeopath IL
Davis, Harry Hogle USA Physician       
Davy, Reuben Roy USA Dentist IL
de la Vega, Raul Esteban Cuba Physician Cuba
DeGraff, Paul Burrett   Dentist IL
DeGraffenried, Thomas P.   Physician KY
Delavergne, H. Eugene USA Physician IA
Demke, Lucian Emil USA Physician IL
Denniston, Daisy E. USA Osteopath MO
Denniston, Elmer L. USA Osteopath MO
Denny, Leonard Walleck USA Physician MO
Derrington, Thomas USA Physician IL
Derrington, Thomas Arthur   Dentist  
DeVries, Jack Parks USA Veterinarian IA
Deyoe, Eber Herman USA Physician MI
Dickinson, Charles H. USA Physician IL
Dickinson, Charles Scott USA Veterinarian IA
Dickson, Charles Sanford USA Physician IL
Dieterich, William C. USA Homeopath MO
Diller, Adam Elmer   Physician IL
Dolaz, Edward Joseph   Physician IL
Donahue, Edward USA Osteopath IL
Dorris, Constanstine George USA Dentist IL
Downer, Charles C.   Physician IL
Dudley, Erwin F. USA Homeopath       
Duncan, Clifford James   Physician IL
Duncan, Floyd Ernest USA Physician MO
Duncan, James C.   Homeopath IL
Dunlop, Henry E. Canada Physician NY
Ebbesen, Joseph USA Optometrist IL
Edwards, Alfred Pace USA Physician IL
Edwards, R. R. USA Physician  
Edwards, Ralph R.   Dentist MO
Edwards, Thomas A. USA Physician KY
Egbert, James USA Physician IL
Eggers, John Fred USA Physician IL
Eklund, Henry   Architect  
Elliott, Ivan Clarence   Veterinarian       
Elliott, Russell L. USA Chiropractor       
Ellis, James Conrad USA Physician IL
Ellwanger, Paul W. USA Chiropractor       
Embry, Samuel E. USA Physician KY
Emmons, John W. USA Physician IL
Engle, Arthur S. England Physician MO
Erickson, Charles Adolph Sweden Physician IL
Erickson, Hans   Veterinarian       
Erickson, Milo Theodore USA Physician IL
Eshbaugh, Walter S. USA Homeopath IL
Esser, Joseph W. USA Dentist IL
Evans, A. P. USA Homeopath IL
Evans, Isaac S. USA Physician IL
Everett, James Marcus USA Physician IL
Fahey, Richard Patrick USA Physician IL
Fanst, J. T. USA Chiropractor  
Farley, William K.   Physician IL
Faucette, T. D.   Dentist Canada
Fay, Herbert Macon   Dentist IL
Feeney, James Joseph USA Physician IL
Feldman, Arnold Harold USA Dentist IL
Fellows, Jesse H. USA Physician IL
Fenwick, Emery Hungary Physician Budapest
Field, Francis John   Veterinarian IL
Finley, George William USA Physician IL
Firkins, George Sheldon USA Veterinarian IA
Fisher, Harry Logan USA Physician PA
Flachtemeier, Arthur F. USA Dentist IL
Flexman, Edmund A. USA Physician IL
Foulds, Thomas L. England Physician IN
Fowler, Charles A. USA Physician IL
Fowler, Donald M. Canada Veterinarian Canada
Fox, Jno. H.   Dentist IL
Frain, Adnah K. USA Homeopath MI
Frank, Irving USA Physician IL
Franklin, Harry Vier USA Dentist IL
Freeman, Harry Eben USA Physician IL
Freudenberg, J. A. USA Physician IL
Froberg, Emma Sweden Midwife       
Fruth, D. O.   Physician OH
Fry, George C.   Veterinarian IL
Fuhr, John Dale USA Veterinarian Colorado
Name Native of School of
Gable, Edwin Otis USA Physician MO
Gardner, John Lincoln USA Physician IL
Gardner, Louis   Veterinarian       
Garlington, Jesse W. USA Allopath MO
Garvin, Isaac W. USA Allopath IL
George, W. R. USA Allopath IN
Gerdon, David Carlton   Veterinarian       
Glenn, Edward Berkeley USA Physician IL
Glidden, Willis C. USA Homeopath IL
Goldberg, M.    Optometrist       
Goldbranson, Kent L. USA Dentist MO
Goodman, William   Architect  
Gould, Charles Webster Jr. USA Physician IL
Graham, Gordon Cloyes USA Physician IL
Granger, William   Architect  
Grasson, Andrew USA Physician IL
Graves, C. P. USA Allopath NY
Graves, Fred E. USA Eclectic IL
Gray, Emmett Joseph USA Chiropractor IL
Gray, William B. Ireland Allopath IL
Greeley, Liston G. USA Allopath MN
Greeley, Paul Eber Norman   Physician IL
Greely, Harold W. USA Dentist IL
Greely, Henry Parkhurst USA Physician IL
Greely, Robert Hiram USA Physician MO
Green, Clark Warren USA Physician IL
Green, George Gerald USA Physician IL
Greene, Wilmer D. USA Osteopath MO
Greening, Walter L.   Veterinarian       
Greenwood, Alexander S.   Dentist IL
Gregg, Thomas USA Homeopath IL
Gronlund, Byron G. S. USA Physician IL
Grotenwohl, A. C. USA Dentist IL
Gullaus, Caroline Peterson Norway Midwife IL
Gulstine, Herman Keyser USA Dentist IL
Gustafson, Martin Orville USA Dentist IL
Gustafson, Orville Charles USA Dentist IL
Hagey, John Briggs USA Physician NY
Haley, Dorman E. E. USA Physician IL
Hannan, E. C. USA Veterinarian       
Harnagel, Frederick Henry USA Physician MO
Hartnell, William Schaeffer USA Veterinarian MI
Harvey, Gustavus F. England Physician IL
Haslem, William H.   Physician IL
Haulikson, Cyril Walter   Dentist       
Hawkins, Fred Weaver USA Dentist IL
Hawley, William Henry   Dentist IL
Haxby, John W. III USA Veterinarian IL
Haxby, Richard J. USA Veterinarian OH
Hayes, Hans   Veterinarian Practitioner
Hazleton, Herbert T.   Architect  
Heckman, Irving J. USA Physician IL
Hedberg, David Leonard USA Physician IL
Hemenway, L. G. USA Physician IL
Henderson, Norman Charles USA Physician AK
Hennis, Harry W. USA Dentist IL
Henry, Charles   Architect  
Herrick, Howard Raymond   Dentist IL
Hicklin, Herbert H. USA Dentist IL
Hicks, Elmer W. USA Chiropractor IA
Higgins, Alton J. USA Physician IL
Hill, Almond M. USA Eclectic OH
Hill, Donald E. USA Chiropractor IL
Hitchcock, Charles H. USA Physician OH
Hjertstedt, Ebba Louise   Reg Nurse       
Hjertstedt, Ida C. Sweden Midwife IL
Hoerchler, Theodore J. USA Physician KY
Hoffman, Sigmund   Optometrist       
Hohnes, H. P. USA Homeopath IL
Hollingsworth, R. Selwyn   Dentist IL
Holly, Francis Albert   Dentist IL
Holmes, Edmund   Veterinarian       
Holmes, Horace   Physician IL
Hopkins, Alfred G. USA Physician IL
Hopkins, Margaret Ann   Reg Nurse       
Hopkins, Percy Isaiah USA Physician TN
Hornell, Lewis Carr   Physician IL
Houlikon, Cyril Walter   Dentist       
Houston, Herbert Spangler USA Physician IL
Houston, James P. USA Physician IL
Howison, Charles   Architect  
Howland, Bernard Francis USA Physician IL
Howland, Thomas Patrick USA Dentist MO
Hoyt, Leslie W. USA Physician IL
Huey, Kenneth Howard USA Physician MO
Humke, Laurence William USA Veterinarian       
Humphrey, John Holman   Dentist IL
Hunt, Delos W.   Physician NY
Husk, Charles Ellsworth   Physician IL
Hussey, David J. USA Physician IL
Hutchinson, William   Physician IL
Ickstadt, Albert USA Physician IL
Ingersoll, Isaac F. Canada Physician Canada
Jacobs, Stephen W.   Physician IL
Janss, Peter Germany Physician  
Jenkins, Dale USA Dentist IL
Jenkins, J. M. USA Physician OH
Jenks, D. G.   Physician IL
Jennings, Howard L. USA Dentist IL
Johnson, Benjamin F.   Eclectic OH
Johnson, Edward Richard   Homeopath MI
Johnson, John Barnett Jr. USA Dentist IL
Johnson, Thomas Arthur USA Physician IL
Johnson, William Albert USA Dentist IL
Jokinen, Fanny Finland Midwife Proficienty
Jordan, M. W.   Homeopath Proficienty
Jones, William E.   Architect       
Joost, George Herman USA Physician IL
Kafilmout, Khazid Iraq Physician Proficienty
Kagen, Irving Newton USA Physician Proficiency
Kahen, Moise    Optometrist       
Kaiser, J. M. USA Physician MO
Kamm, Alexander USA Chiropractor IL
Kane, Archibald Cecil Canada Physician Canada
Kane, John Patrick Canada Physician IL
Karnick, Ralph L. USA Dentist IL
Keene, Harry L.   Veterinarian IL
Keene, Paul Merritt USA Veterinarian IL
Kehl, Esther Etts   Reg Nurse       
Keller, Robert Stephan USA Physician IL
Kelly, Julia F.   Chiropractor       
Kennan, Albert L.   Homeopath IL
Kessler, Arthur Gilbert USA Physician IL
Keyes, Arthur Lee USA Physician IL
Kilgore, John   Veterinarian IL
Kittell, George W.   Allopath IL
Krausch, Walter T.   Architect  
Kroening, August E. USA Physician IL
Krohn, Henry Walker   Allopath IL
Kuhl, John Marlin USA Physician Proficiency
Kuhn, John R. USA Chiropractor Proficiency
Ladd, Dwight John USA Physician MA
Lambert, Curtis A.   Physician OH
Landis, N. L.   Physician IL
Langhorn, Johanna   Optometrist       
Larson, Charles Hobart USA Veterinarian MI
Larson, Jonathan Morias USA Allopath IL
Larson, Pearl G.   Reg Nurse       
Latham, Henrretta USA Osteopath Proficiency
Leach, Charles L. USA Physician IL
LeBlanc, Florimond Joseph Canada Physician IL
Leeson, Fred W. Canada Physician IL
Lennard, A. L.   Physician       
Lenox, Fred A.   Dentist Proficiency
Lenox, Milton F.   Dentist Proficiency
Leppert, Charles Lynville   Physician IL
Lesher, Nellie USA Physician IL
Levy, Edward W. USA Physician IL
Lewis, George W. USA Eclectic OH
Lindenberger, Harry USA Dentist IL
Lindquist, Irving O.    Optometrist  
Lindquist, James I. USA Optometrist IL
Lippert, Charles USA Physician IL
Little, Daniel H. USA Dentist IL
Little, Melville C. Keith USA Physician IL
Locke, S. A.   Homeopath IL
Louis, Robert J.   Physician       
Low, Johnson   Dentist MI
Low, Roy James   Dentist IL
Lucas, George N. USA Allopath IL
Ludwig, John B. USA Eclectic  
Lundeen, Oliver Leslie USA Physician IA
Lunn, Charles M.   Veterinarian       
Lunn, Everette Carl USA Veterinarian Canada
Lunn, Jacob Osmond USA Physician IL
MacGregor, William C. Canada Physician IL
Mack, Johnson/John USA Allopath VT
Mackay, Adam England Physician KY
Macklin, George M. USA Physician IL
Madison, Peyton C. USA Physician IL
Mahru, Meier Poland Physician Italy
Mansfield, Bernard Payne   Osteopath IL
Markley, George Washington   Physician OH
Marston, Louis H.   Architect  
Martin, E. C.   Homeopath IL
Martin, George P. USA Physician WI
Martin, George W.   Optometrist       
Matter, Orson E. USA Homeopath IL
Matthes, Robert Emmet USA Chiropractor MO
Maxfield, Carl M. USA Physician OH
Maynard, Charles Henry USA Dentist IL
Mayo, Edward L. USA Physician IL
Mayo, Ella C.   Eclectic       
McAlister, James C. USA Allopath IL
McAllister, Ralph G. USA Physician IL
McClimans, Wilbur A. USA Osteopath IL
McCollom, Howard James USA Osteopath IA
McConaughie,Thomas Fulton USA Physician IL
McCullough, Joseph McKee   Dentist IL
McCully, Marguerite USA Osteopath       
McDole, Zaida   Reg Nurse  
McDetridge, James G. Canada Physician Canada
McGregor, William Canada Physician NY
McLean, John Canada Allopath IL
McNair, Oliver H. P. USA Physician IL
McPheeters, Herman O. USA Physician IL
McPherson, Finley USA Homeopath PA
McQuaide, Thomas L. USA Physician MO
Meacham, William Charles USA Physician IL
Messic, Charles L.   Physician OH
Meyers, Hartley N.   Optometrist       
Meyers, J. W.   Veterinarian Proficiency
Meyers, Mabel N.   Optometrist       
Michel, James F. USA Physician NY
Millard, Samuel R. USA Physician OH
Miller, Dean A. USA Physician MO
Miller, E. J.   Physician IL
Miller, Ernest Guy USA Dentist IL
Miller, Gordon R, USA Veterinarian IA
Miller, Leonidas USA Physician IL
Miller, Roll N. USA Physician KY
Miller, Roy C. USA Dentist IL
Miller, William T. USA Physician NY
Milliken, Allen Perry   Physician IL
Misick, Charles L. USA Homeopath IL
Mode, Emily R.   Physician IL
Molitor, E. USA Physician IL
Molitor, Martin D.   Dentist Proficiency
Molitor, N. Germany Allopath IL
Molitor, Nicholas   Physician IL
Montgomery, Max Malcolm   Physician  
Montton, A.   Physician IL
Moore, Charles F. USA Physician IL
Moore, Ella C.   Physician IL
Moore, Richard Wayne USA Veterinarian TX
Moore, Samuel   Physician MO
Mordoff, Charles W. USA Homeopath IL
Moreland, John J. Ireland Eclectic IL
Morgan, William G. USA Physician IL
Morse, J. W. USA Allopath Proficiency
Mosher, Benjamin Dean USA Physician IA
Moss, John T. USA Dentist IL
Moulton, Alla  V. USA Eclectic IL
Moyers, Leslie E. USA Physician IL
Moyers, Ronald Allen USA Physician IL
Mulder, John B. USA Veterinarian IA
Muns, Marshall Curtis   Physician KY
Murray, W. F.   Physician IL
Myers, Hartley N.   Optometrist       
Name Native of School of
Neal, Charles Waldo USA Dentist MO
Neff, Emery Bowers USA Physician IL
Neff, Henry C. USA Physician OK
Neff, Leslie Dutcher   Physician MO
Nelson, Alfred   Veterinarian  
Nelson, Caryl Linder USA Physician IL
Nelson, John M. USA Veterinarian IA
Nelson, Owen W. USA Veterinarian IA
Nelson, Oscar Emil Sweden Physician IL
Nelson, Ronald Arthur Sweden Chiropractor IL
Nemec, Andrew F. USA Dentist IL
Nesbitt, George W. USA Physician NY
Nesbitt, George Wallace USA Physician IL
Nesbitt, John Burke USA Physician IL
Neucomb, F. M   Optometrist       
Nevins, Herbert USA Homeopath IL
Neubauer, Herrman J. Germany Physician IL
Newman, Russell Emric Sweden Dentist IL
Nitteraun, John L. USA Homeopath IL
Ogilvie, Norman M. USA Dentist Proficiency
Ohlmacher, Albert Philip USA Physician Proficiency
Ohrn, Amanda Sweden Midwife Proficiency
Oiver, James Alphens USA Physician  
Okerstrom, Albert Sweden Physician Proficiency
Olson, Stuart Kenneth USA Physician Proficiency
Orputt, Maria L. England Midwife Proficiency
Ovitz, John William Jr. USA Physician Proficiency
Owings, Thomas   Physician IL
Palmquist, J. E. USA Physician MN
Parks, Albert L. USA Physician IL
Patterson, Clayton A. USA Dentist IL
Paul, Charles H. USA Veterinarian KS
Pease, W. A. USA Homeopath IL
Peel, Charles Elvil USA Physician MO
Penrose, William C.   Dentist IL
Perkins, Earl Ransom   Dentist IL
Perry, Harold T. Jr. USA Dentist IL
Peters, Charles Hamilton USA Physician VA
Peterson, Louis N. USA Chiropractor IL
Peterson, Vern Anthony USA Physician GA
Petritz, Louis James USA Physician IL
Pfundt, Robert T. USA Physician OK
Pierce, Jennie Blanche   Reg Nurse       
Piper, Ralph S.   Physician IL
Pond, Allen B.   Architect  
Pond, Irving K.   Architect  
Poshley, Alfred T.   Architect  
Postle, James M. USA Physician MI
Potter, Merrith F. USA Physician MA
Potter, Wendell Abel USA Physician IL
Povlson, Paul H. Jr. USA Dentist IL
Powell, Bird C. USA Veterinarian Proficiency
Powers, Bernard J. USA Dentist IL
Prettyman, Charles W.     USA Dentist NY
Pritchard, I. Watson USA Physician MI
Proziero, W. J.   Physician MO
Purdy, Robert Alva USA Physician IL
Quick, Gary Alan USA Dentist IL
Quinn Edward USA Physician IL
Quinn, Arthur   Veterinarian IL
Radeff, I. Bulgaria Physician IL
Radley, Jay Hayden USA Physician IL
Raeder, Henry   Architect  
Randall, Thomas Jefferson USA Physician MO
Rankin, James Sharp USA Physician IL
Reeder, Grant Simpson USA Physician IL
Rehm, George John   Dentist IL
Reitinger, Charles G. USA Dentist IL
Riley, John H. USA Physician MD
Riley, Lionel Stewart USA Dentist IL
Rinehart, Bert Millard USA Homeopath IL
Risden, Augusta L. USA Midwife       
Riste, Thomas J. USA Dentist IL
Ritzenhaler, Edward L. USA Dentist IL
Roberts, Eben Ezra   Architect  
Roberts, J. W.   Veterinarian       
Robinson, Ezra A. USA Physician VT
Roe, Chester USA Physician MI
Rollins, Frank Dumont USA Physician ME
Root, Eliza H. D.   Physician IL
Ross, Edward USA Physician IL
Ross, Elwood Emory USA Dentist IL
Rowan, Freemont N. USA Veterinarian IL
Ruby, Basil USA Physician       
Ruthledge, James Albert USA Physician IL
Ryan, James H.   Veterinarian IL
Ryan, Robert James USA Physician IL
Ryll, Dennis John USA Dentist IL
Sager, Eva Lane   Reg Nurse       
Sagheny, Leonard B. USA Dentist IL
Sampson, Jesse USA Veterinarian NY
Sandberg, Emma Matilda   Midwife Proficienty
Schaller, Clarence Henry USA Physician  
Scheidecker, S. L.   Veterinarian Proficiency
Schelkopf, Sterling L. USA Veterinarian IA
Scheppler, Fred Emanuel USA Physician  
Scholnik, Sol USA Physician IL
Schreck, H. Clay USA Osteopath  
Schubert, Robert Edgar USA Orthodontist IL
Schuyler, Colfax   Dentist IL
Schuyler,Chauncey Goodrich USA Dentist IL
Seastrand, Axel E. Sweden Physician IL
Shallenberger, Wilbert USA Physician  
Shambaugh,Cleveland James USA Physician  
Shank, William L.   Physician MO
Shain, Frederick Bliss USA Osteopath IL
Sheedy, Michael Henry USA Chiropractor Proficiency
Sheets, Fred C. USA Physician IL
Shepardson, Ralph Steele   Architect  
Sherman, William Palmer USA Physician IL
Shivn, William A. USA Physician IL
Simpkins, A. B.   Dentist IL
Simpson, W. H.   Dentist Proficiency
Slack, Frederick Kennedy USA Dentist MI
Smiley, Hiram F. USA Homeopath OH
Smith, Clifford Eben USA Physician IL
Smith, Corwin Leroy   Veterinarian       
Smith, E. R. USA Physician IL
Smith, Emerson L. Canada Dentist IL
Smith, Frank LeRoy   Physician IL
Smith, George E. USA Dentist Proficiency
Smith, H. O. USA Homeopath IL
Smith, Harry Edwin   Dentist Proficiency
Smith, Leslie Dutcher   Physician IL
Smith, Milo V.   Dentist IN
Smith, Perry L. USA Dentist IL
Smith, Ralph Thaddeus USA Physician IL
Smith, Robb VanSittert USA Physician NY
Smith, Stanley Wissbrook USA Dentist IL
Smith, Willis J.   Dentist IN
Snyder, J. F. USA Dentist IL
Sotrop, Ernest James USA Physician IL
Soule, Charles E. USA Physician IL
Spafford, Howard Everette USA Physician MI
Spickerman, Albert Carl USA Dentist IL
Spickerman, J. A. USA Dentist IL
Spiers, R. B. Canada Eclectic IL
Stanard, O. B. USA Homeopath IL
Starkweather, Charles F. USA Physician MA
Stein, Theron LeRoy USA Osteopath IL
Steinberg, Harry W.   Optometrist       
Steinkamp, Robert E. USA Dentist IL
Stevens, James F. USA Physician IL
Stewart, Francis M. USA Eclectic OH
Stewart, Oscar S. USA Eclectic OH
Stewart, Owen M. USA Dentist IL
Stiles, F. P. USA Homeopath IL
Stoepestad, C. T. USA Physician IL
Stolt/Slott, James Roland   Physician IL
Storey, Judd Robert USA Optometrist IL
Stigliam, Louis F. USA Dentist IL
Sullivan, John W. USA Physician IL
Sumney, John USA Physician Proficiency
Susina, Milan USA Dentist IL
Suthe, Grant USA Physician IL
Sutton, Roscoe E. USA Physician  
Swanbum, Elvin Lloyd USA Chiropractor  
Swanson, Emma C.   Reg Nurse       
Tableman, Harvey George USA Veterinarian  
Tayler, Thomas G. USA Physician PA
Taylor, Charles Henry   Veterinarian NY
Taylor, George Cary   Osteopath KY
Taylor, William Henry   Physician IL
Telford, Elbridge Wright USA Physician IL
Teskey, Edward Luke   Dentist IL
Thomas, Edward USA Physician IL
Thomas, William Garland USA Physician IL
Thompson, David Orval USA Physician MO
Thompson, Littleton USA Physician OH
Thompson, Wilbur O. USA Physician IL
Thompson, Willard Anthony USA Physician IL
Thomson, Hugh   Veterinarian Canada
Thorp, Henry M.   Veterinarian Proficiency
Tilney, William DeCamp England Eclectic PA
Toppen, Spencer LeRoy USA Dentist IL
Trapp, Harold Joseph USA Physician IL
Treadwell, William E. USA Eclectic IL
Trigger, Harry W. USA Physician IL
Trumbauer, J. USA Physician IL
Tucker, Frank L.   Dentist IL
Turner, Franklin Augustus   Physician  
Turner, William F. USA Eclectic MO
Valentine, James C. USA Physician IL
Van Buskirk, William L. USA Dentist PA
Van Horne, Phillip T.   Architect  
Van Lue, William Eugene USA Veterinarian MI
Van Vorhis, John P. USA Eclectic OH
Vermilyne, Valentine USA Physician NY
Vekert, Charles Edward USA Osteopath  
Vincent, Charles F.   Veterinarian       
Von Ohlen, Edward Louis   Veterinarian IL
Wadey, Bert Joseph USA Physician IL
Waldron, James R.   Architect       
Wales, John W. Jr.   Physician IL
Warren, George O.   Optometrist       
Wasson, Joseph Stanley USA Dentist IL
Waters, Orthello USA Physician IL
Watson, Robert B.   Architect  
Wayland, Joseph P.   Homeopath IL
Wehems, Robert    Optometrist       
Weinberg, Nathan USA Dentist PA
Weirich, Christian Germany Allopath Prussia
Wellington, Forrest G. USA Veterinarian MI
Wells, Frank N. USA Homeopath IL
Wenderoth, Oscar   Architect  
Westgate, Letetia A. USA Physician IL
Wetzel, Clarence    Optometrist       
White, Salon C. Canada Physician IL
Wilcox, Henry Lyman   Dentist IL
Wild, Frederick J. USA Physician IL
Wilder, Chauncey H. USA Physician IL
Wilkinson, Carl H. USA Physician IL
Williams, Robert C. USA Chiropractor IL
Williams, Robert A. USA Veterinarian MN
Willis, James R. USA Allopath NY
Wilson, Oscar Canada Physician MI
Wilson, Roy M. USA Dentist IL
Wilson, Rufus Franklin USA Physician MO
Winn, John Paul USA Physician IL
Winnic, Charles   Physician MI
Witmore, J. D. USA Homeopath IL
Witterawn, John L.   Physician IL
Wojcek, Stephan Joseph USA Physician IL
Wolcott, Ernest Joel USA Osteopath IL
Wolf, M. J.    Optometrist       
Wood, Bertram Guy   Dentist IL
Worcester, Olive E. USA Physician IL
Wormley, Guy J. USA Physician IL
Worst, Frederick W.   Architect  
Wright, Francis P. USA Allopath IN
Wright, Harry Garfield USA Homeopath IL
Wright, Rodney A. USA Homeopath IL
Wyllys, Henry A.   Physician       
York, Herbert USA Allopath IL
Young, Charles William USA Physician IL
Young, Clarence M. USA Allopath IL