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World War I Service Records

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Adams, Charles Gabriel Genoa Navy A11
Adams, Samuel Joseph Somonauk Army A8
Adams, Walter Malta Army A9
Adee, John Burton Sycamore Army A23
Agnew Edwin Hooker Elva Army A10
Ahlstrom, Roy Sycamore Army A20
Alms, Leon Clare Army A6
Andersen, Nels Waterman Army A22
Anderson, Alfred Edwin Kirkland Army A2
Anderson, Arthur R. DeKalb Army (Canadian) A7
Anderson, Emil Albin DeKalb Navy A14
Anderson, Frank Edward Kirkland Army A1
Anderson, Nels Alvin Kirkland Army A3
Anderson, Norman Philip DeKalb Army A5
Anderson, Rudolph Elmer Sycamore Army A12
Anderson, Stanley Arthur Malta Army A4
Anderson, Walter DeKalb Army A17
Anderson, Wesley J. Sandwich Army A16
Arntzen, Edwin C. Sycamore Army A15
Astling, Harry David Sycamore Navy A13
Astling, John Sycamore IL National Guard A21
Atkinson, Guy Henry Sycamore Marine A19
Awe, Albert Fred Genoa Army A18
Baars, Harry B. Kingston Army B9
Babcock, Dean Waterman Army B54
Babcock, Otto R. Waterman B3
Bacon, George C. Kingston Army B20
Bagg, Charles W. Sandwich Army B8
Baie, Arthur Hinckley Army B55
Baier, Walter DeKalb Army B41
Baker, Arthur E. Kingston Army B25
Baker, Joseph A. Waterman Army B19
Baker, LeRoy C. Shabbona Grove Army B42
Baker, Roy M. Shabbona Army B58
Ballou, Clark N. Sandwich Army B32
Ballou, Earl W. Sandwich Navy B23
Barrett, Roy DeKalb Navy B61
Barton, Henry Malta Navy B64
Barton, John Malta Army B62
Bastable, Frank G. Sycamore Army Medical B40
Bates, Rae DeKalb Army B34
Batty, Earl Kirkland Navy B65
Bayard, Brown Genoa Army B30
Beach, Charles Sycamore Army B12
Beardsley, Claude C. Sandwich Air Force B2
Beckler, Ralph J. Sycamore Army B37
Beckman, Carl L. DeKalb Army B10
Beckman, Eric D. DeKalb Army B22
Beckman, Oscar E. Sycamore Army B21
Beckman, Ruben DeKalb Army B45
Bell, Fred Sycamore Army B59
Benecke, Paul Sycamore Army B36
Benson, Duane C. Malta Navy B39
Benson, Robert J. Malta Marines B38
Berg, Theodore Malta Army B33
Bernard, David G. Sandwich Navy B28
Berry, Max R. Sandwich Army B18
Bessenger, John Esmond Army B24
Biehl, Irvin R. Hinckley Army B60
Bishop, Stuart A. Sycamore Navy B29
Bistline, Ralph Sandwich Army B66
Black, Harold Sycamore Army B53
Blackman, Charles E. Waterman Army B6
Blanchard, Merle P. Sycamore Army B11
Block, John DeKalb Army B47
Bloom, Carl W. DeKalb Navy B13
Boardman, George DeKalb Navy B46
Boardman, Vernon DeKalb Navy B57
Bogg, Clarence William Kingston Army B14
Boleen, George G. Sycamore B1
Bollinger, Clarence Sycamore Army B51
Bollinger, Elroy W. Sycamore Navy B35
Bollinger, Harry Sycamore Army B49
Bollinger, Virgil Sycamore Army B52
Bollinger, William N. Sycamore Army B50
Bouslough, Carlos Shabbona B27
Brainard, Myron Kingston Army B44
Brandburg, Carl O. DeKalb Navy B16
Brandenburger, Paul W. Sandwich Army B15
Brannick, Robert W. Sycamore Army B5
Brennan, Frank Genoa Army B43
Brennan, John J. Clare Navy B26
Brooks, Henry Sycamore Army B63
Brothers, Benjamin R. Maple Park Army B4
Browne, Harold Malta Navy B48
Brunner, Lafayette Sycamore Army B31
Bullis, Mefflin C. Rollo Army B17
Burt, John C. Waukegan/DeKalb Army B56
Byers, Howard Sandwich B7
Cain, John Sandwich Army C7
Callan, Samuel DeKalb Army C33
Campbell, Alvan Sycamore Air Force C27
Cannon, Clarence Shabbona Grove Army C17
Cannon, Claude Shabbona Grove Army C16
Carlson, Alfred Cortland Army C28
Carlson, Axel Cortland Army C32
Carlson, Frank Sycamore Army C13
Carlson, Fredrick DeKalb Army C21
Carlson, Willard Kingston Army C15
Carns, Charles Waterman Army C2
Carpenter, Charles Sandwich Air Serv-Baloon Observation C6
Carr, Arthur Leland Army C20
Carr, Clarence Somonauk Marines C25
Carstedt, Arthur DeKalb Army C34
Carter, Willard Sycamore Army C8
Castle, Lathal Sandwich Army C9
Castle, Niles Sandwich Navy C19
Chambers, Lynn DeKalb Army C31
Chapman, Joseph Waterman Army C4
Chase, Martin DeKalb Navy C24
Chestnut, Nevin W. Waterman Army C1
Clark, James Genoa Navy C11
Clarke, William Clare Army C22
Colby, William Shabbona Army C5
Concidine, Stanley DeKalb Army C23
Corey, Charles DeKalb Army C29
Cornwell, James Genoa Army C30
Cotton, Edgar Army C18
Coy, Charles Sandwich Navy C3
Crawford, Clarence Genoa Army C12
Crosswell, Samuel Sycamore Army C26
Cunningham, Ivan Sandwich Army C10
Cutts, Ralph Shabbona Army C14
Dakin, Robert Sandwich Army D12
Dallas, Joseph Esmond Army D20
Darling, Ray Waterman Navy D4
Darnell, Harry Sandwich Army D21
Dauchert, Fred Appleton, WI/Sycamore Air Force D25
Davig, Clifford Sycamore Army D3
Davis, Harold Sycamore Army D11
Davison, Christian DeKalb Navy D24
Davy, Oakley Evanston/DeKalb Army D23
Davy, Reuben Evanston/DeKalb Army D22
Dean, Ralph Somonauk Army D2
Degan, William J. Shabbona Army D13
Denilauler, George Somonauk Navy D1
Denson, Ernest DeKalb Army D7
Diedrich, William DeKalb Army D9
Divine, Merle Sycamore Army D26
Dobbins, Jonas Kingston Army D28
Dodge, Warren Malta Army D15
Dolquist, Theodore Sycamore Army D5
Donlin, Michael DeKalb Army D18
Doty, Daisey E. Sycamore Army Medical D27
Doty, Dewitt Sycamore Navy D29
Duncan, Charles Sycamore Army D10
Duncan, David Sycamore Army D6
Durham, Floyd C. Genoa Army D14
Duval, Fred Genoa Army D19
Duval, John L. Genoa Army D16
Duval, Lawrence Genoa Army D8
Eakle, Lawrence Waterman Army E3
Eakle, Paul Waterman Army E2
Ebbesen, Maynard DeKalb Navy E1
Edgren, Carl R. Malta Army E7
Edwards, Charles Rockford Army E8
Egland, Selmer Malta Army E6
Erwin, Harry Sandwich Army E4
Esterbrook, Earl Sycamore Army E9
Evans, Chester Genoa Army E5
Evensen, Andrew Shabbona Army E10
Fairclough, Leslie H. Shabbona Army F5
Fanning, Dorian G. Sandwich Anti-Aircraft F3
Fanning, Francis P. Sandwich Army F14
Fanning, Hugh J. Sandwich Navy F16
Fanning, John A. Sandwich Army F15
Fanning, John M. Sandwich Army F2
Farmer, Budd L. Sandwich Army F9
Faxton, Donald E. Sandwich Air Service F17
Ferguson, Howard Sandwich Army F12
Ferguson, Robert H. Sandwich Army F19
Ferguson, William Kennedy Sandwich Army F13
Fields, Edward R. Sandwich Aviation F4
Firking, Stanley I. Shabbona Grove Army F21
Firkins, Alden H. Shabbona Grove Army F20
Firkins, Bruce J. Rollo Army F7
Firkins, Peter T. Shabbona Grove Aviation F22
Firkins, Robert J. Shabbona Grove Army F24
Fish, Harry E. Sandwich Army F6
Fisk, Harris D. DeKalb Army F18
Fraser, Oliver E. Sandwich Army F11
Frazier, John W. Genoa Army F23
Frizol, Robert Jr. DeKalb Air Service F8
Frost, Troy F. Waterman Army F10
Fuller, Vincent DeKalb Army F1
Gallarno, Jake Fairdale Army G1
Gallarno, Richard Fairdale Army G2
Garner, Delbert L.* Waterman Army G18
Gates, Gilbert Shabbona Army G11
George, Harry H. Virgil Army G22
Gilchrist, Lawrence Fairdale Aviation G17
Gittleson, George M. Malta Army G7
Glidden, Clinton R.* DeKalb Marine G19
Goelitz, Harry Esmond Army G14
Graeser, Charles F. Waterman Army Chaplain G3
Graham, Howard S.* Waterman/Waterloo, IA Army G12
Grant, James H. Shabbona Army G20
Graves, Wallace P. Sandwich Navy G9
Greenholtz, George Sycamore Army G5
Grimm, Ivan Hinckley Army G6
Gross, Wyllys Esmond Army G21
Grundy, Howard M. Malta Army G13
Guenther, Walter Sandwich Army G4
Gunderson, Michael Lee Army G8
Gustafson, Frank L. Sycamore Army G10
Gustafson, George* Sycamore Army G15
Gustafson, Roy Sycamore Army G16
Hable, Walter C. Sandwich Army H13
Hague, Harold O. Sandwich A.R.C. Ambulance Service H41
Haile, August L. Kirkland Army H31
Haire, Elmer A. Kirkland Aviation H26
Hallberg, Carl A. Sycamore Army H18
Hallin, John L. Kingston Army H25
Hamilton, Harry D. DeKalb Navy H39
Hansen, Elmer Sycamore Army H9
Harms, Herbert G. Sycamore Army H37
Hart, Charles P. Shabbona Army H28
Hart, Henry W. Mayfield Township Army H38
Hart, Jasper N. Mayfield Township Army H33
Hart, John C. DeKalb Army H14
Hart, Wilbur B. Kirkland Army H42
Hartwell, Henry T. Rollo Army H30
Havenhill, Arthur M. DeKalb Army H17
Hay, Isaac M. Sycamore Army H49
Heath, Andrew D. DeKalb Army H35
Heinemeler, Henry H. Hinckley Army H43
Hemenway, William F. Sycamore Army H44
Henderson, Fred H. Leland Air Service H34
Hennis, Harry W. Sandwich Army H12
Herrick, George* Waterman Aviation H48
Herrick, Norman G. Waterman Navy H47
Hess, Maurice D. Somonauk Navy H11
Hibbard, Winslow R. Sycamore Army H45
Hill, Henry J. Leland Army H27
Hinkston, Harry C. Shabbona Grove Navy H24
Hinman, Howell S. Sandwich Army H8
Hipple, Roy E. Waterman Army H46
Hjertstedt, Carl R. DeKalb Aviation H5
Hodge, Clarence R. Shabbona Navy H19
Hodgkinson, Fred H. Esmond Army H29
Hoffman, Frank H. Genoa Army H36
Holm, James (Jens) P. Hinckley Army H16
Hooker, Harold D. Sycamore U.S. Coast Guard H32
Hough, Alvin O. Sandwich Army H2
Hough, Forrest E. Sandwich Army H3
Houghtaylen, Clarence G. Sandwich Army H6
Housel, Charles E. DeKalb Army H15
Housewart, Fredrick A. Cortland Army H10
Hoyt, Arthur J. DeKalb Army H4
Hubbard, Albert E. DeKalb Army H20
Hubbard, Everett H.* DeKalb Army H23
Hubbard, Paul A. DeKalb Army H22
Hubbard, Walter L. DeKalb Army H21
Huey, Franklin Jesse Shabbona Army H7
Huey, Roy E. Malta Army H40
Hupp, Earl W. Somonauk Army H1
Ide, Ivan D. Genoa Army I2
Ilsemann, Earnest A. Waterman Army I1
Jacobson, Roy G. DeKalb Aviation J5
Jacobson, Walter C. DeKalb Army J14
Jenkins, John H. Cortland Army J15
Jewell, Stephen C. Kirkland Army J8
Johnson, Arthur Sycamore Army J11
Johnson, Axel DeKalb Army J6
Johnson, Carl M. Sycamore Army J17
Johnson, Edward C. Sandwich Army J3
Johnson, Frederic D. Sandwich Navy J2
Johnson, Harold R. DeKalb Navy J4
Johnson, Herbert Sandwich Army J16
Johnson, Victor C. Sycamore Marine J1
Jones, Paul M. Somonauk Navy J10
Jones, William R. Kirkland Aviation J13
Jorison, Dominic Q DeKalb Army J9
Joslyn, Harry A. Sycamore Army J18
Joslyn, William W. Sycamore Army J19
Judkins, Leo R. Kingston Army J7
Kampen, Royal W. Kirkland Army K8
Kane, John P. DeKalb Army K13
Kearsey, Roy W. Fairdale Army K6
Keene, Harry L. Shabbona Army Veterinarian K1
Kelly, Frank J. * Shabbona Army K2
Kennedy, James E. DeKalb Army K15
Kenyon, George S. Sandwich Aviation K3
Kern, Kewis G. Sandwich Aviation K5
Kilmer, William A. DeKalb Navy K14
Kleckner, Roy D. Kirkland Army K10
Klock, Berdelle D. DeKalb Navy K7
Klotz, Alvin E. Sandwich Army K4
Knight, Jubert W. Somonauk Army K16
Knodle, Edger L. DeKalb Army K12
Knutson, Andrew B. Waterman Army K9
Kolbe, Henry W. Sandwich Army K18
Kugler, Harold C. Sycamore Army K11
Kunde, Frank J. Somonauk Army K17
Lanan, Frances E. Sycamore Army L26
Larson, Alfred Malta Army L17
Larson, Henry R. Rockford Aviation L27
Larson, Howard C. Malta Army L24
Latham, Joseph A. Sandwich Navy L13
Latham, Wendell A. Sandwich Army L6
Lee, Clarence* DeKalb Army L16
Lee, Louis DeKalb Navy L25
Leifheit, Daniel Waterman Army L3
Leonhard, Albert W. DeKalb Army L21
Lewis, James E. DeKalb Army L2
Liddick, Irvin J. Waterman Navy L10
Liddick, Lester H. Waterman Army L12
Liddick, Walter R. Waterman Army L11
Lindgren, Rollin DeKalb Army L18
Lindstrom, John W. Sycamore Army L22
Lipp, John E. Sandwich Army L7
Lovering, William K. Salt Lake City, Utah Aviation L20
Lowman, John E. Sycamore Army L1
Luff, Alan Sandwich Army L5
Luff, Cecil R. Sandwich Navy L4
Lundberg, Phillip B. DeKalb Army L9
Lundberg, Sixten N. DeKalb Army L8
Lundstrom, Carl E. Malta/Springfield, MN Marines L23
Luney, Ellzey H. DeKalb Army L28
Luney, Ray T. DeKalb Army L19
Lyons, Everette B. Sycamore Army L15
Lyons, Fred J. Sycamore Army L14
Mace, William A. * Malta Army M27
Male, Oscar* Malta Army M22
Malone, James A.* Sycamore Army M25
Marshall, Edward L. Paw Paw Army M26
Martin, Chester W. Shabbona Army M16
Martinson, John Lee Army M23
Mason, Herbert B. Sycamore Navy M28
Massat, Frank Sandwich Army M35
Matteson, Harvey A. Genoa Marines M17
Mattson, John DeKalb Army M34
Meilinger, Edward C. Sandwich Army M3
Meilinger, Rex F. Sandwich Army M2
Mellor, Arthur W. Fairdale Army M7
Mercer, Raymond C. Waterman Navy M8
Merriman, Lewis E. Waterman Army M1
Merwin, Fred H.* Somonauk Army M18
Meyers, Leo B. Kirkland Aviation M12
Micheal, Paul J. Shabbona Army M10
Miller, Ernest R. Waterman Navy M13
Miller, Harry Leland Army M9
Millett, Walter A. Sycamore Army M6
Mitchell, Charles E. Sycamore Army M4
Mitchell, Ralph B. Sycamore Army M5
Mizel, Louis H.* Waterman Army M14
Mohr, Fred Shabbona Army M33
Moodie, Charles A. Sandwich Navy M15
Moriarty, Leo G. DeKalb Army M32
Morris, Field C. Sycamore Navy M29
Mowers, Charles Esmond Army M30
Mowers, George E. Esmond Army M20
Mowers, William A. Esmond Army M31
Moyers, Gail C. Kingston Army M19
Moyers, Ross B. Sycamore Navy M11
Munson, Conrad M.* Shabbona Army M21
Murray, Thomas S. DeKalb Army M24
McCabe, Terry D. Malta Army Mc3
McDole, Zaida P. DeKalb Army Nurse Corp Mc2
McInnes, Harry D. Sandwich Army Mc5
McIntyre, Melvin C. Sycamore Army Medical Mc4
McMenamin, John E. Sycamore Army Mc1
Naker, Everett Charter Grove Army N8
Nelson, Alvin E. Sycamore Army N4
Nelson, Axel W.* Cortland Army N11
Nelson, Henry A. DeKalb Army N7
Nelson, Lawrence A. Sycamore Army N2
Nelson, Raymond A. DeKalb Army N9
Niss, August Genoa Merchant Marine N6
Niss, Fred L. Genoa Aviation N5
Norton, Herbert Shabbona Grove Army N12
Norton, Robert W. Malta Army N10
Oakland, Milo T. DeKalb Army O5
Oberg, Percy E. DeKalb Aviation O7
O'Donnell, Francis L. Lee Army O2
Olson, Elof Sycamore Aviation O3
Olson, Harry A. DeKalb Army O8
Organ, John D. Sycamore Army O9
Orr, Harland DeKalb Army O10
Ortt, Ralph G. Kingston Army O1
Oschida, Joseph H. Sandwich Army O4
Ovitz, John W. Sycamore Army O6
Palmer, Glenn H. Sycamore Army P12
Patterson, Irvin E. Genoa Army P9
Peterson, Algot B. Kirkland Army P3
Peterson, Christopher B. DeKalb Navy P4
Peterson, Harry C. DeKalb Aviation P1
Pfister, William J. Malta Army P17
Phelps, J. Manley DeKalb Army P2
Pickett, John H. DeKalb Army P14
Pierce, Roy R. DeKalb Army P15
Piper, William A. Sycamore Army P5
Plapp, Ralph L. Malta Army P6
Poust, Cassius Sycamore Marines P13
Prain, Albert Genoa Army P8
Prain, Elmer Genoa Navy P7
Pratt, LeRoy J. Genoa Army P10
Preiss, Conrad Malta Navy P16
Pritchard, Frank B. DeKalb Army P11
Quarnstrom, August H.* Sycamore Army Q3
Quilhot, Millard S. Shabbona Army Q2
Quinn, Clarence B.* Malta Army Q1
Quinn, Daniel C. Clare Army Q4
Randall, William W. Sandwich Army R2
Reimann, August Sandwich Army R18
Renwick, Harley Sycamore Army R10
Renwick, Percy J. DeKalb Army R4
Renwick, Raymond Sycamore Aviation R9
Reynolds, Amos G. Leland Marine R6
Reynolds, Clyde Kirkland Aviation R12
Reynolds, Floyd D. Sycamore Army R14
Reynolds, Guy A. Leland Army R5
Riebock, Louis W. Sycamore Army R17
Ritchin, Jabez Sycamore Army R13
Roberts, Thomas H. DeKalb Army R20
Roerig, Alvin J. Sandwich Army R3
Rogers, Charles J. Sycamore Army R1
Rogers, Owen Sandwich Red Cross R8
Rompf, Herbert H. Somonauk Army R7
Rote, Leon H. Sycamore Army R11
Roush, Earl W. Kirkland Army R15
Ryan, Leo J. Sycamore Army R16
Ryburn, Floyd J. Sandwich Army R19
Sage, Harry L. Sandwich Army S14
Sallberg, Benjamin Sycamore Army S27
Saltzgiver, Verna B. DeKalb Army S33
Sanderson, Curtis O. Malta Army S24
Sanderson, LaVerne K. Leland Army S25
Sandholm, Frank H. Sycamore Marines S32
Savery, Allon G. Kirkland Army S1
Schoener, Mahlon P. Waterman Army S28
Schoonmaker, Charles C. Genoa Army S9
Schultz, Martin W. Kirkland/Sterling Army S23
Shattuck, Fredrick S. Genoa Marines S8
Shellgren, Harry Maple Park Army S22
Shellgren, Leslie J. Maple Park Army S21
Sherman, Elmer C. Somonauk Army S43
Sherwood, Clifford Malta Navy S20
Simpson, Mark Waterman Army S3
Skau, John N. Hinckley Army S31
Smiley, George H. Waterman Army S2
Smith, Lyle J. Sandwich Army S10
Smith, Maurice L. Sandwich Army S11
Smith, Roy Maple Park Army S13
Smith, Vernon A. Sandwich Army S12
Snyder, Lorah DeKalb Army S6
Southard, Charles W. Kirkland Army S15
Southun, William J. Malta/DeKalb Army S41
Spickerman, John A. DeKalb Army S34
Stark, Fred W. Kingston Army S19
Stark, George A. Kingston Army S18
Stark, Maurice W. Kingston Army S17
Stephens, Charlie Victor/Lebanon, MO Army S16
Stevens, Miles O. Shabbona Army S7
Storey, Robert W. DeKalb Army S5
Stromberg, Vernie A. Sycamore Army S35
Struthers, James E. Sycamore Army S26
Suppeland, Henry M. Somonauk Army S36
Sutton, Stanley DeKalb Army S38
Sutton, Thomas Lee DeKalb Army S37
Sutton, William B. DeKalb Army S30
Svihus, Magnus Shabbona Army S42
Swanson, Arthur S. Sycamore Army S39
Swanson, George W. Sycamore Army S29
Swedberg, Harold E. Sycamore Aviation S4
Synnott, William Claire Army S40
Talbot, Charles H. DeKalb Marines T8
Talbot, Roy M. DeKalb Army T7
Talentino, James A. DeKalb Army T12
Tate, Herbert C. Sandwich Army T6
Taylor, Arthur C. Malta Army T10
Taylor, Clifford C. Waterman Aviation T5
Temma, August E. Hinckley Army T11
Thorpe, Harvey W. Waterman Army T13
Thorpe, Lavard G. Somonauk Army T4
Thorpe, Raymond E. Somonauk Army T3
Todd, Byron J. Hinckley Army T2
Tutland, Ole Sandwich Army T1
Tweed, John DeKalb Navy T9
Van Deusen, Ernest E. Shabbona Army V2
Van Deusen, Robert E. Shabbona Navy V3
Vaughn, Samuel J. DeKalb Army V5
Vevon, Nickolas DeKalb/Sycamore Army V4
VonOhlen, Floyd William George Hinckley Aviation V1
Wade, Irvin Hinckley Marines W7
Wade, Lester H. Hinckley Army W8
Wagley, Elmer L. DeKalb Army W21
Wahlgren, George H. Hinckley Army W2
Wallace, James H. Sandwich Navy W10
Warber, Frank H. DeKalb Army W33
Warber, Roscoe Sycamore Army W28
Warner, Charles T. Sycamore Army W34
Watson, John W. DeKalb Army W3
Weber, Lewis Kingston Army W14
Weber, Wilbur G. Lee Army W1
Webster, Alfred P. Leland Army W22
Weeden, Lucius Sycamore Navy W11
Welsh, John R. Shabbona Army W6
Wennerstrol, David A. Shabbona Army W9
West, Herbert W. Sycamore Army W27
Westerberg, John F. DeKalb Navy W35
Westlake, Earle W. Sycamore Army W36
Westlake, Mark H. Sycamore Aviation W42
Westover, Ira B. Kingston Army W30
Westover, Robert E. Genoa Army W31
Whipple, William S. Genoa Army W37
White, Robert E. Somonauk Army W43
White, Thomas M. Somonauk Army W18
Whitford, Lawrence E. Waterman Army W12
Wickens, Thomas L. Sandwich Army W45
Wickler, Charles F. Fairdale Navy W44
Wilder, Guy F. Sandwich Army W24
Wilkinson, Harold R. Clare Army W38
Willard, Arthur Sycamore Army W26
Williams, George A. Kirkland Army W16
Williams, John W. Kirkland Army W17
Williams, Ralph A. Kirkland Army W13
Wilson, Milton* Kingston Army W5
Wilton, John T. DeKalb Army W29
Winans, Roy E. Sycamore Army W39
Wing, Henry L. Sycamore Army W40
Wolfe, Marshall L. Sycamore Army W41
Wood, Raymond C. Sandwich Navy W15
Woodward, Malcolm C. Sandwich Army W32
Wormley, Emery A. Shabbona Army W19
Wormley, Harry E. Shabbona Army W20
Wright, Eugene H. Shabbona Army W4
Wright, Harry G. DeKalb Army W23
Wright, John E. Malta Army W25
Yeager, George E. Kirkland Army Y2
Yocum, Ray J. DeKalb Navy Y4
Yonkin, Harry F. DeKalb Army Y1
Young, Robert R. Malta Army Y3
Youngquist, Frank G. Sycamore Army Y5