1902 Smallpox Vaccination List

Vaccinations provided by Dr. Westgate in 1902.

Ahern, Dan
Allen, Del
Allen, Mrs.
Anderson, Cilia and Huldah
Andvist, Vance
Balcomb, Charles
Balcomb, Ethel
Balcomb, Lily
Balcomb, Mr. and Mrs. George
Black, Mina
Brennan, George
Brown, Augusta
Brown, Bertha
Brown, Nels
Clarke, Mabel
Cronk, Tessia
Decker, Mr. and Mrs. Charles, Carrie and Sadie
Echivade, Carrie
Evans, Mary
Gandy, Mrs Emmett and baby
Goslin, Tom
Goslin, Tom
Goul, Eva
Hall, Albert
Hammel, Mr. and Mrs. John, Marguerite, John, Minil, Eva, Roy Hubbard, Ruth
Hueb, Clarence
Jaska, Ella
Jaska, Mary and Sarah
Jaska, Mrs. and three little girls
Judd, Mr. and Mrs. Elmo and Alta
Kelley, Mr. and Mrs. William
King, Carrie, Willie, Fred
Kreig, Mr.
London, Earl
Maitland, Mr. and Mrs. Robert, James and Rose
Maitland, Mr. George and Leora and Ada
Miller, Fred
Miller, Gusta
Miner, Pearl
Moore, Mrs. Frank and 2 sons
Neff, Jimmy
Niering, Frank
Niering, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph
Osborne, Frank
Peal, Abbie
Petrice, Milton
Petrie, Mr. and Mrs. Sam and Harry
Rahan, Mrs., Esther and Earnest
Reynolds, Mr. and Mrs. George and baby
Reynolds, Mrs John
Robinson, Mrs. Charles, Orin and John
Serymiger, Roy and Ray
Shuey, Jussie
Shuey, Mrs.
Shuey, Mrs. And Mrs. Henry and Charley
Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. John and Clarence, Will, Emma, Addie and Frank
Sorenson, Lucy, Addie, Mia
Sparrow, Mrs.
Stubenhaver, Mrs. George
Sullivan, Josephine
Surymager, Mrs. James
Webster, Charles
Welch, James
Willis, Lizzie and Mary
Willis, Mr. and Mrs. Mose
Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson
Wright, Fay
Wright, Mrs. C. G.