Archives & Subjects

Joiner History Room provides researchers access to the DeKalb County History Center Archives. The Archives draws from the Joiner History Room Collection, the Sycamore History Museum Collection, DeKalb County Records, and the DeKalb County History Center Collection.

Subject files contain extensive historical materials on notable people, topics, and communities of DeKalb County. A complete list of Subject Files is coming soon.

If you have questions concerning holdings in the Archives or Subject Files, please contact us.


Census Records
Manuscript Materials - Over 400 boxes
Family Files and Genealogies
Obituaries from 1860
Photo Collection-Residents/Places
County and Township Histories
Cemetery Records
Road Plats 138-1952
Sycamore Newspapers 1867-1965
Church Histories School Records
Atlases, Maps and Plat Books
City Directories
Nurse's Registry 1877-1935
Civil War Bounty Records
Underground Railroad
Poll Books 1859-1872
WWI and WWII Records
Early Railroads Histories and Pictures
Poor Farm Records and Census
GAR Potter Post Photos (Civil War)
Judge Cassius Poust Scrapbooks 1920-1929
The DeKalb Chronicle Newspaper on Microfilm
GAR Roster Book for DeKalb County (Civil War)
DeKalb County Historical & Genealogical Society Newsletters
Illinois Adjutant General's Reports (Civil War)


Below is a incomplete list of the current Subject Files. 

Airports and Airplane
Bands, Municipal, DeKalb and Sycamore
Barbed Wire
Black History
Business Ads, From Newspapers, 1860-1980
The Oracle Yearbook
Businesses, Dekalb, 1924
Businesses, Sycamore (2 Books)
Camp Grant
Cemeteries, By Name
Cemeteries, By Township
Chief Shabbona
Churches, Dekalb County, A-F
Churches, Dekalb County, Catholic
Churches, Dekalb County, G-N
Churches, Dekalb County, O-Z
Churches, DeKalb, City Of (2 books)
Churches, Sycamore, A-C
Churches, Sycamore, E-L
Churches, Sycamore, M-Z
County Home
Courthouses (3 books)
Crime and Jail
DeKalb Buildings, City Of
DeKalb County Buildings
DeKalb County Centennials
DeKalb County Chronology of Events Newspaper Columns
DeKalb County History
DeKalb, City
Depression, 1929-1935
Depression, 1936-1941
Dolder, Helena (see Women's Rights and History, 1904-Current)
Electric Park
Ellwood Family of DeKalb
Ellwood Family of Sycamore
Ellwood, Isaac
Elmwood Cemetery and Mausoleums
Esmond, see Fielding, Fairdale, Esmond
Fairdale, see Fielding, Fairdale, Esmond
Farm BureauFielding, Fairdale, Esmond
Fire Department, DeKalbFire Department, Sycamore
Forty Years Ago Newspaper Columns, 1855-1870
Forty Years Ago Newspaper Columns, 1860 Only
Forty Years Ago Newspaper Columns, 1871-1875
Forty Years Ago Newspaper Columns, 1876-1877Forty Years Ago Newspaper Columns, 1878-1879
Fraternal Organizations, GAR
Genoa Newspaper Columns, 1877-1884
Genoa Newspaper Columns, 1893-Current
Glidden Family
Haish, Jacob and Family, wire manufacturing
Hinckley, City Of
Historical Society, Sycamore
IDEAL Industries
Illinois Regional Archives Depositories (NIU)
Iraq War
Jail, also see Crime and Jail
Joiner History Room
Kingston Newspaper Columns, 1880-1909
Kingston Newspaper Columns, 1931-Current
Kishwaukee College
Libraries, Dekalb City and DeKalb County
Library, Sycamore (2 Books)
Lincoln Highway
Lincoln, Abraham (includes Lincoln Statue information)Local News Newspaper Columns, 1880-1882
Local News Newspaper Columns, 1883-1886
Local News Newspaper Columns, 1893-1895
NIU News, 1881-1969
NIU News, 1970-1995
NIU News, 1996-Current
Orphan Trains
Parks, DeKalb, City Of
Parks, Other Than DeKalb and SycamoreParks, Sycamore, City Of
Post Offices, By City
Postal Service
POW's (see World War II, Book 2)
Pumpkin Fest
Railroads, Chicago & North Western
Railroads, Electric
Railroads, Great Western and Sycamore Trolly
Red Cross
Roads, Misc. Articles, 1838-1852
Roads, Routes 20, 23, 30, 47, 64, 72, I-88
Schools, By Name, A-J
Schools, By Name, K-R
Schools, By Name, S-Z
Schools, Dekalb, City Of
Schools, Misc. (3 Books)
Schools, North Grove
Schools, Private
Schools, Rural, Misc. Lists and Pictures
Schools, Sycamore Elementary and Middle
Schools, Sycamore, High School
Shabbona, City Of
Shabbona-Lee-Rollo Historical Society & Museum
Soldier's Monument
Somonauk, City Of
Sycamore Downtown History, post 1950
Sycamore Downtown History, pre 1950
Townships, Charter Grove and Mayfield
Townships, Victor
Turner Brass Works
Veterans' Burials
Waterman, City Of
Women's Rights and History
Women's Rights and History, 1904-Current (Includes Helena Dolder)
World War I, 1917
World War I, 1918-1919
World War II On the Home Front Newspaper Columns (3 Books)
World War II, 1939-1945